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Tips to Recognise and Manage Relationship Anxiety

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Let’s talk about relationship anxiety because it is real and more common than you imagine. Did you know that over a third of Americans consider their past and present romantic relationships a reason for their mental health issues? That makes a whopping number, right?

Well, anxiety is a normal part of relationships, but leaving it unaddressed can affect your mental health in the long run. It can also cause trouble for your partner and loved ones. 

But don’t worry, there are plenty of coping strategies to help you deal with the demons. So let’s dive in and explain how to keep that relationship anxiety in check!

Communicate with your partner

Lack of communication is among the biggest contributors to troubled marriages and relationships. Constant stress about what your partner thinks or feels can drive you crazy, right? So, ditch your hesitation and talk it out. Discuss your fears and concerns openly. 

You’ll feel much better when you get it all out in the open. Your partner might actually have some reassuring words or insights to help ease your anxiety.

Set boundaries 

Boundaries are important in any relationship. But having them is even more crucial if you’re dealing with anxiety. Let your partner understand what you need to feel safe and secure. It might mean setting clear limits on how much time you spend apart. 

You may also expect reassurance when you’re feeling anxious. By defining boundaries, you can create a sense of predictability and stability that helps you stay sane.

Embrace a stress-relief aid

When stress is real, you must have a way to address it. You may seek medical help, but a holistic aid like cannabis is always better. The best part is that it is safe, effective, and natural. 

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Mind your thoughts 

Believe it or not, negative thought patterns can cause relationship anxiety! You may get caught up in “what if” scenarios when such emotions take over. But remember that there’s a difference between thoughts and facts. 

Whenever you find yourself struggling with anxious thoughts, take a step back and challenge them. It can help you put things into perspective and prevent negativity from taking over.

Seek professional help 

Relationship anxiety may get too hard to handle for some people. If you feel it taking a toll on your mental health and happiness, consider seeking professional help. A therapist can guide you about strategies to manage your anxiety and improve your relationship. 

It’s a good time to decide whether you should continue with the relationship. Be open to moving on if it isn’t worthwhile. You deserve better! 

Dealing with relationship anxiety isn’t easy but it shouldn’t take over your life and sanity. Follow these tips to manage it, or consider giving up. Nothing matters more than your happiness, so do what’s best for you.

Simona LeVey did her degree in psychology at Tel Aviv University. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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