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5 Expert Tips to Protect Your Garden

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A rare red weather warning has been issued for storm Eunice with gusts of up to 100mph set to batter the UK. Severe weather like this can be especially damaging to our gardens, and experts advise people to take precautions.

With this in mind, Nick Drewe, homes and interior expert at WeThrift, has issued five top tips on how to stormproof your garden

Protect your electrics 

If you have outdoor lighting, heaters or even a powered jacuzzi, it’s most likely that you spent a substantial amount of money on your outdoor electrical equipmentThat said, before the storm, ensure that these are switched off from the plug and turned off to avoid potential damage and (more importantly) electrocution. 

Move your wheelie bins and any loose items 

When it comes to vulnerable items in your garden during the event of a stormyour wheelie bin is one to protect and store away. When blown away, they could damage windows or cars nearby. The same applies to any loose items in your garden, from deckchairs to kids toys. 

Park your car in a garage or protect it  

Speaking of cars, make sure your vehicle is parked away in a garage. If you don’t have a garage, a trick is to cover your vehicle with padding and a plastic sheet or waterproof tarp. As well as this, make sure your vehicle is not parked by or under a tree. 

Protect your plants 

If you have any outdoor potted plants lying around, make sure that these are stored away before the weather gets severe. 

If you don’t want to store these insides, protect the pots with bubble wrap to prevent them from getting damaged or broken. However, there is a chance that the bubble wrap could dry out the soil. That said, make sure your plants are well hydrated before putting the bubble wrap on. 

When it comes to your taller outdoor plants, it’s important to note that heavy rain could cause serious damage to these and even cause them to snap. A key trick to preventing this is to push a wooden or metal support into the ground and tie your tall plant to it. This will provide your plant with a safety net amidst the wind. 

Use a windbreak 

Even though your fencing will protect your garden, it’s always worth going the extra mile to guard this area by using a windbreak. It’s especially important to use windbreaks if your fencing is weak. 

Windbreaks can be strategically placed in your garden’s specific ‘weak spots, such as your vegetable patch or pond. You could also purchase netting to protect certain areas of your garden

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