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Chiropractor Singapore: Helpful Tips to Avoid Unnecessary Neck and Back Pain

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A lot of people only seek medical attention or treatment for their ailments when they become unbearable to live with. When it comes to chiropractic care, simple actions can be done every day to make sure that you’re not being your worst enemy by creating future problems for yourself. The decisions you make – from the clothes you choose to wear or how you sit – can and will affect your body. 

Here are 10 chiropractor Singapore tips to help you avoid unnecessary neck and back pain.

Avoid staring at your phone

Most people check their phones an average of 80 times in one day. That could cause a lot of strain on the neck and back. Tilting or bending your head down to look at your phone can put up to 60 lbs of pressure on your spine. You should limit your phone time and make it a point to find other activities to do. And if you have to browse your phone, make sure to keep your phone at eye level. Most people check their phones an average of 80 times in one day. That could cause a lot of strain on the neck and back. You might be wondering what is tech neck?

Avoid cracking your neck

The neck is home to blood vessels and many nerves. Cracking your neck can only do more harm than good, especially if you do it too frequently or incorrectly.

Incorrectly cracking your neck can lead to punctured blood vessels, pinched nerves, and blood clotting. It can also cause your muscles and joint to strain around your neck.

Frequently cracking your neck increases the risk of permanently stretching out, damaging the surrounding ligaments. This is called perpetual instability, which increases the risk of you developing osteoarthritis down the road.

Be mindful of your posture

The first step you need to do to make a healthy change is being aware of what good posture is, compared to your normal posture. Even if you’re only sitting at your desk, gravity exerts a constant force on your muscles, ligaments, and joints. The concept of good posture is to distribute the force or pressure evenly throughout your body. This ensures that certain areas of your body aren’t overstressed.

Bad posture happens when you sit by slouching, slumping, and protruding your head and neck forward. This disrupts the S curvature of your spine. Correct your posture now to help your body be less fatigued and more efficient, as you avoid related pain and permanent damage in the future.

Bend at the knees

You’ve probably heard the expression to bend at the knees, and not at the waist. While this rule of thumb applies to everyone, it most especially applies to those suffering from back injuries or those who need an alignment or adjustment.

If your joints are stacked and work properly, then bending at the waist won’t harm you if you do it sparingly. But since most issues or injuries don’t reveal themselves for some time, you could end up battling an injury unknowingly. 

It’s better to be safe than be sorry by following helpful chiropractor Singapore tips. Practise bending and good lifting techniques. 

Do morning stretches

Set aside five minutes of your time to do morning stretches every day. Fluid increases between spinal discs and joints overnight when you’re lying horizontally. This causes stiffness and pain. Stretching can help warm your body up and alleviate both. It also has positive long-term effects on your posture.

If you maintain a stretching routine every morning will help you loosen up tight muscles. This will result in better posture every time. It can also help increase blood flow, improving your overall performance throughout the day. By doing a butterfly stretch is a perfect way of starting your day.

Eat right and exercise

Exercising and having a healthy diet means you’re eating foods that will fuel your boy and maintain a healthy weight. Excessive weight can put extra strain on various parts of your body, forcing the systems of your body to work harder. You’re also putting yourself at risk of developing heart diseases.

If you’re physically able, get at least 30 minutes of continuous daily exercises. Also, incorporate more natural raw foods into your diet like vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains, and nuts.

Eat several small snacks throughout the day so you can keep your metabolism going. Don’t eat late at night, too.

Keep track of your spinal health

A lot of minor injuries happen without notice for quite some time. Just because you don’t feel the pain doesn’t mean that there’s no injury. The spine is the foundation of your body, and it’s one of the most crucial powerhouses of movement. Therefore, you should always keep track of your spinal health. Go see a doctor for potential problems before they get worse or lead to permanent damage.

Never sleep on your stomach

Sleeping positions aren’t easy to manage, especially since you’re asleep. But there’s a simple chiropractor Singapore trick that you can do – fall asleep with good posture. This will help you avoid restless squirming since your body is comfortable and aligned.

Sleeping on your stomach can put added pressure and stress on your spine. This can lead to herniated discs in your neck because your head turns from left or right. Make sure to sleep on your back or side, with a small knee support pillow.

Use a lightweight bag

Our skeletal structure supports our body weight and daily movements with no additional load. If you have to carry something, make sure to keep the load lightweight and small to reduce the risk of neck and body pain. Evenly distribute the weight across your body, so use a lightweight bag, and only bring the essentials.

Use cold therapy

When treating fresh injuries, always treat them with ice or cold therapy. Ice can reduce inflammation and swelling and can slow blood flow. Slowing the blood flow to an affected area will reduce the pain of the injury, the fluid buildup, and the symptoms that go along with it.

Also, ice therapy can slow down the conduction velocity of peripheral nerves. This, in turn, masks the sensation of the pain.

Being pain-free should never be enough. Feeling great, inspired, and alive, is what we should all strive for. Follow these chiropractor Singapore tips to prevent future neck and head problems.

Ellen Diamond did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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