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Tips for Managing Your Time

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If you want to positively impact your overall success, you’ll realise how important it is to prepare in the evening for the next day. We will now look at a couple of time management skills that will assist you in being more productive.

Write things down on paper

It is highly recommended that you use paper to record everything that you need or want to do. Make sure to include all of your plans such as working out, making lunch or dinner for your family etc. 

Then, look at that paper and determine which one task you’d be happy with if you only did that one thing for the day. 

Then, consider the second and third task that you’d be happy with achieving for the day. So, the next day, you should start by completing the first task and then move onto task number 2 and 3. Make sure that you complete every task before you move onto the next one.

Get rid of distractions such as media and email

When you look at your email in the mornings, it is very easy to allow this task to get you off track. You can easily spend many hours every day dealing with your email before you even begin your first task. 

So, it is best to avoid your phone and don’t look at any distractions until you complete the first and most important task for the day.

Create a list of tasks in the night for the next day

Finally, if you truly want to have a productive day, then you need to create a list that includes your goals and tasks the evening or night before. 

In order to be competent, you need to be able to create good plans that you actually follow through on. When you have a good plan, you’ll be better able to avoid procrastination and achieve your goals. Try a work schedule maker to manage your schedule effectively.

So, when you prepare your list of tasks and goals the night before, you’ll be able to prepare your mind to start them the next day, even before you wake up. 

When creating this list, make sure that they are listed according to their priority level. Make sure that you adhere to your plan and this will ensure that your work goes well and smoothly. This will make you feel very competent, confident and powerful. It will definitely help you to get a lot more things done than you ever thought before and you’ll certainly become a force to be reckoned with.

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the founder of Psychreg. 


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