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3 Tips to Lead a Happier Life

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Happiness is an essential factor in attaining good mental health and emotional well-being. To experience happiness means having positive feelings or experiencing pleasant emotions that can range from contentment to extreme joy. Additionally, many individuals believe that feeling happy contributes to their sense of fulfilment and satisfaction with themselves.

For many people, achieving lasting and ultimate happiness is a lifelong pursuit. Therefore, the question arises, how can we achieve ultimate and lasting happiness?

Developing self-awareness

To have self-awareness is to possess a clear understanding of your personality, including your needs, wants, wishes, desires, thoughts, beliefs, motivations, emotions, strengths, and weaknesses.

However, the key to achieving self-fulfilment is not only to be self-aware but also to have control over yourself to the extent that you can motivate and regulate your attitude and behaviour, regardless of external circumstances.

Developing self-awareness can lead to empathy, which in turn supports the development and maintenance of healthy relationships and friendships. Such social relationships are essential in promoting both health and well-being. Feeling valued by others can help to bring about happiness.

By becoming self-aware, you can discover your purpose in life and establish goals to achieve it. Research has shown a positive correlation between achieving life goals and greater levels of self-satisfaction, self-fulfilment, happiness, health, well-being, and self-worth.

Developing gratitude

Gratitude has been shown to promote feelings of happiness by releasing more oxytocin, the “cuddle hormone,” in the brain when we express thankfulness. This increased release of oxytocin can boost creativity and help us feel more positive about ourselves, leading to improved mental health and overall well-being.

A positive attitude has been linked to leading a more productive and successful life. This is because a positive mindset motivates us to see the best in ourselves and others. We approach challenges with an optimistic perspective, viewing them as opportunities to grow and learn rather than as threats.

Gratitude can also foster generosity, motivating individuals to offer their time and money to support charitable causes. Many people find great fulfilment in practising generosity and making regular donations to help those in need.

Developing meaningful relationships

A meaningful relationship is one in which our significant other accepts us for who we are, imperfections and all, and provides trust, inspiration, and motivation for us to become our best selves. As social creatures, humans have an innate need for social interaction, companionship, and personal connections with family and friends.

Meaningful relationships play a crucial role in our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Feeling cared for, supported, and valued is essential to developing self-belief, self-worth, and a sense of belonging. Ultimately, these factors can lead to feelings of self-fulfilment, contentment, and happiness.

Maintaining meaningful relationships is crucial for good mental health and well-being. Having supportive people in our lives can help us develop resilience to face adversity.

Meaningful relationships require effort from both parties. It’s important to invest time and energy in developing, maintaining, and sustaining them. Empathy is a critical component of these relationships.

We must cultivate the ability to have honest and thoughtful conversations, actively listen and support our significant other, and empathize with them during difficult times. Ultimately, we should expect the same level of support in return.

Final thoughts

Happiness can counteract low moods, worries, and feelings of sadness. To lead a happier life, it’s important to understand and accept oneself while finding contentment in who you are. Although it can be difficult to achieve, having a positive attitude and surrounding oneself with the right people can make a happier life more attainable.

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the managing director of Psychreg.


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