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3 Tips for Glowing Skin in 14 Days

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Over the holiday season, it is very easy to become burdened with a lack of sleep, stress, poor nutrition (added sugar), excess alcohol consumption and more.

This undoubtedly has an immediate impact on skin glow but also contributes to premature ageing in the long term.

Dermoi‘s chief scientific officer, Eve Casha, provides three top tips for healthy, glowing skin this holiday season.

Tip 1 – Look for powerful cosmeceutical technologies

Powered by Dermatopoietin-plus technology, Evenswiss is a perfect solution for holiday radiance. ​ The revolutionary active triggers dermal regeneration promoting an instant glow, but also long-term skin health.

Dermatopoietin-plus technology does NOT penetrate the skin to work. ​ Instead, it stimulates a cell signalling cascade that increases the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid in the dermis. ​ Dermatopoietin-plus® is backed by 6 different scientific studies and has proven to increase collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid content in the skin by 87% in just two weeks.

Top winter products: ​ Evenswiss Rich Regenerating Cream and Skin Regenerate Serum- Master Booster

Clinical studies on Dermatopoietin-plus

Tip 2 – Potent skincare ampoules for a quick reset

Skincare ampoules are high-strength and stable active ingredient formulas that are designed for temporary use to reset the skin. ​ They are a great alternative for those who don’t have the time for advanced facial treatments this holiday season.

Packed with high-performing cosmeceutical actives, the Glow Boost Ampoules by MZ Skin, are a fool-proof routine for a glowing skin reset.

The ampoules are used twice daily for five days, and each ampoule contains a different active ingredient combination to support the skin on its journey to restored luminosity. ​

Over the 5-day period, the glowing skin ampoules will exfoliate with lactic acid and glycolic acid, brighten and protect the skin with pure vitamin C, and support wound healing with hyaluronic acid and sodium DNA

Tip 3. Skin supplements with bioavailable collagen peptides

The skin is deeply influenced by internal nutrition – something that is often compromised during the festive seasons.

Most supplements are not able to be properly absorbed by the body, and this is where advanced nutraceuticals have their place. For example, Collagen is a very large protein that must be enzymatically broken down into small peptides in order to reach the skin upon oral ingestion.

Totally Derma is an extremely bioavailable nutraceutical with Arthred® collagen peptides, Synovoderma® hyaluronic acid, potent antioxidants and alpha-lipoic acid.

The clinically-proven formula contains multiple types of collagen to not only reduce wrinkles and boost hydration, but also support the joint, gut, and menopausal symptoms. It acts to reverse past skin damage and protect the skin from additional ageing when taken daily.

Clinical studies on Totally Derma

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