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Tips and Tricks to Get a Deep Sleep

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A healthy lifestyle begins before you open your eyes in the morning. As you may have heard, a good night’s sleep is a fundamental element of your well-being. The way your body rests and resets its function contributes more to your health, even before your diet and workout routine.

Deep sleep, or slow-wave sleep, is what your body needs to function well. Studies mention that deep sleep gives the brain moments to restore from the daily dynamics. At the same time, your body heals itself with the release of growth hormones and significant detoxification.

To reap the effects of deep sleep, an average adult needs at least seven hours of sleep, with a minimum of 10% of it in the deep state. There are a few tips to get more sleep hours; it may include distancing yourself from electronic devices or changing your bedding into breathable ones, like bed linen. You may wonder what else you can do to achieve it. Therefore, we compiled some tips and tricks to get deeper sleep easier.

Turning off electronic devices

Distancing yourself from electronic devices might change the way you sleep for good. With your cell phone active 24/7, it can pose a real distraction to your sleep schedule. Consider turning it off a few minutes before bedtime to give yourself a chance to relax before sleeping.

Making your room dark

A dim, dark room is a perfect setting for quality sleep. A dark environment triggers your brain to produce melatonin, the sleep hormone that signals your body to rest. The quicker your brain releases it, the more sleep time you may have in one night.

Additionally, you can adjust your room temperature to complement the dimmed background. You need to make sure your room is not too hot because it may cause your brain to function involuntarily to adjust your body temperature. Set your air conditioner low before you fall asleep or turn on a fan in your room.

Making your bedroom a sanctuary

You do not want to feel like you are sleeping in a dungeon. You want to feel the comfort in your room for as long as you are in there. That is why you need to make some adjustments to make it a personal haven.

Try resorting to breathable materials for your bedding. Get yourself bed linen. Linen is a hypoallergenic fabric with temperature regulation capability. By changing into linen bedding, you have at least overcome two sleep problems at once.

Find a high-quality mattress and a comfortable pillow for better impact. Additionally, you can set up an aromatherapy diffuser in your room to help you sleep safe and sound. There is no feeling better than relaxing on top of your bed. 

Refraining from coffee

The rule of thumb is: do not drink coffee after sundown. The caffeine might keep you awake for hours after you drink it. Therefore, you should refrain from having a cup of tea if you plan to sleep early.

Setting up a bedtime routine

Making a sleep habit helps you to get more sleep. The secret is to develop a routine that you will follow from time to time. Sleep at the same time every day and wake up similarly. Your body will get used to it and start to plan out your sleep scheme after some time.

You can start taking a hot shower in the evening or drinking hot chocolate. By doing these, your brain will take it as a signal to relax and relieve after a busy day.

Additional tips: exercise and diet

Regular exercise and a healthy diet can contribute to your quest for deep sleep as well. After all, those three elements are all inseparable trifectas if you seek a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, you need to build a habit out of these three keys.

Avoid heavy meals in the evening as they can cause acid flux and fuel your body with an excess of energy. Choose low-carb foods with more proteins. Such kinds of food will keep you full for the whole night without disrupting your sleep routine.

Exercise increases your heart rate and enhances your muscles. Moreover, a moderate workout helps your body cool down and relax. However, you need to avoid exercising too close to your bedtime because it might keep you awake due to endorphin release.


Deep sleep enhances your healthy lifestyle and keeps you productive. To achieve deep sleep, you need to have some workaround on your night routine. Making your room as comfortable as possible can be beneficial as well. After all, deep sleep, a healthy diet, and regular exercise will help you achieve your wellness goal.

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the managing director of Psychreg.


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