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Are You Vaping at Your Desk? Here Are 5 Expert Tips on How to Cut Down Usage When WFH

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According to a recent government survey, 8.6% of adults vape in the UK, which has more than doubled since 2021. Many may have picked up vaping at their desks as they continue to work at home. If this is you, the experts at Blo Bar share their tips on how to cut down your usage.

As vaping allows you to obtain your nicotine fix indoors without the inconvenience of having to step outside or without the smell of smoke, many may be experiencing an increase in usage when working from home.

Whether this is down to sheer convenience, stress at work, or just a habit they have formed over time, e-cigarette users may be concerned about increasing their nicotine intake. 

With this in mind, the experts at Blo Bar have compiled a list of alternatives to vaping at your desk and simple ways to avoid doing so. 

Schedule set times to use your vape 

Working from home can often blur the lines between work and home life, so we recommend giving yourself set times to have short vape breaks throughout work like you would in the office. It could also be beneficial to go into a different room or outside and create a designated vaping area away from your workspace.

Check with your employer first, as smoke break policies most likely vary from company to company. If they agree that you can take, for example, three ten-minute smoke breaks throughout the day, you could evenly spread them out throughout your working hours. 

Put your vape pen in another room 

Many people find it beneficial to put their phone in another room to minimise distraction, so why not try the same thing with your vape? In addition, some people may find that their e-cigarette usage increases when the device is immediately available to them, either on their desks or in their pockets.

Keeping your vape stick in a different room would make it easier for you to plan smoke breaks more efficiently and minimise the temptation to vape at your desk just because it’s there.

Try oral substitutes such as chewing gum or lollipops 

As vaping is a very orally-fixated habit, users looking to cut down e-cigarette usage at their desks may benefit from oral substitutes during working hours. Some examples include chewing on a straw, chewing gum, or sucking on a lollipop (which will keep your hands and mouth engaged).

In addition, some chewing gum brands that aid in quitting smoking contain nicotine, allowing you to get your nicotine fix as you work without needing a vape.

Occupy your hands with a stress ball or a fidget spinner 

Many people reach for their vape for something to do with their hands and use it to alleviate stressful feelings during work hours. Rather than doing it at your desk, try purchasing a stress ball or a fidget spinner to use when things start to get on top of you. 

Stress balls are used to relieve feelings of tension and anxiety, as well as help you to feel calmer. If stress balls aren’t for you, a fidget spinner could help to keep your hands occupied as you work from home. 

Try a sensory aid 

Do you find that without vaping, you feel understimulated and need some secondary stimulant while you work? For example, you could benefit from a chewing aid, also known as a sensory chew.

Not only will a sensory chew act as an oral substitute, but it can also reduce stress. Different sensory chews are available, including handheld ones or ones that you can wear around your neck.

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