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Anxious About the News? 5 Top Tips on How to Cope With Uncertainty

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Reading the news can be stress-inducing at the best of times. When the news is particularly worrying, many of us experience levels of anxiety so high that we can have difficulty coping. So how can we stay (reasonably) anxiety-free when faced with uncertainty?

It may seem as though we have entered an age of bad news. Whether we’re worried about politics, concerned about crime or feel helpless hearing about natural disasters, many of us have experienced worry when watching or reading the latest news. But sometimes, certain situations or issues can leave us feeling genuinely anxious.

Commenting on common symptoms and treatments for anxiety, general practitioner and media medic Dr Sarah Jarvis says: ‘Some people feel an uncontrollable sense of dread or recurring worries about the future. Some have difficulty concentrating or an inability to relax. Others feel tense and have difficulty sleeping. Whatever your symptoms may be, there is a general feeling of tension, nervousness, panic, and worry that cause you to feel anxious.’

‘In my general practice, I recognise that anxiety affects people in different ways and that not all experiences or symptoms warrant prescription medication. As such, I welcome a range of treatment and support options, including pharmaceutical quality lavender oil capsules and other non-prescription options such as mindfulness and talking therapies.’

So, what can you do if what seems like a constant cycle of negative news throughout every media outlet is getting you down and interfering with your well-being?

While you cannot make your fears and anxieties ‘go away,’ there are simple and effective ways to manage them. Many are essential ingredients for a healthy lifestyle, and adopting them can improve your overall emotional and physical well-being:

Take a break from the news

When faced with anxiety about what feels like a constant cycle of negative news, the best approach may be to step away and take a break from these reports, at least for a while. Switching to other activities may also help. Research has shown reading can help reduce stress, as exercise, listening to music, and practising meditation.

Avoid dwelling on things you cannot control and focus on what you can

When uncertainty strikes, many people immediately imagine the worst-case scenario. Get out of the habit of ruminating on negative thoughts. Instead, focus on the things within your control, even if it’s as simple as weekly meal planning. Establish routines to give your days and weeks some comforting structure.

Search for positive news

When it feels as though a barrage of bad news can reach us all too quickly, we sometimes need to make an effort to find positive news. This can help counteract news-related anxiety. While we may feel that it is our responsibility to understand what is going wrong in the world to find a way to fix it, it is also very important to find out what is going well so that we feel motivated, hopeful, and uplifted.

Try a traditional herbal remedy

Lavender oil has a long-standing association with relieving symptoms of mild anxiety, such as stress and nervousness. Over 15 clinical trials have shown that a daily capsule of uniquely prepared lavender oil can ease anxiety symptoms in just one to two weeks. Benefits are comparable to commonly used anti-anxiety medications without problems such as sedation, addiction or interaction with other medicines.

Seek support

It’s normal to feel worried, scared or helpless during uncertain times. Remember: it is OK to share your concerns with others you trust – and doing so may help them too. If you cannot speak to someone you know or if doing so has not helped, there are plenty of helplines you can try instead.

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