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Tips on Choosing a Counsellor to Help with an Ongoing Mental Health Crisis

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Mental health issues don’t appear out of thin air, but they can still cause sufferers to become alarmed when they emerge. Whether you have unresolved trauma from childhood or develop issues as a result of workplace-related matters, you simply can’t ignore your feelings and expect to feel better.

Those who choose to work with mental health experts absolutely need to find the best match. Finding a counsellor who has the right credentials and makes you feel at ease is imperative if you want to feel better, make progress, and have a brighter future.

Why a mental health crisis won’t go away on its own 

A lot of people are under the belief that mental health problems can be successfully dealt with by pretending that they don’t exist. Instead of actually going away, they end up being buried deep within your subconscious, only to appear at a time when you are under high levels of stress or anxiety.

In the interim, these mental health issues end up manifesting themselves in your everyday life, even if you are not cognitively aware of the fact. Some people even end up having other more complex issues such as drug and alcohol abuse problems because of the fact that they are not dealing with the root cause. This is why mental health experts recommend intensive counselling instead of self-medication.

How to deal with recurring mental health woes

Ideally, mental health problems and past traumas are resolved via a trained counsellor. It is important to realise that there are various types of counsellors; from psychiatrists and psychologists to sex therapists, drug treatment experts, and others.

When a person realises that a counsellor can help them with their problems, they try to find the type of counsellor that is best suited. Even then, not all counsellors are going to be a match due to their level of training, modalities, and varieties of counselling methods that they utilise. Talk to various counsellors, ask them about their practices, and schedule an initial session with several different therapists so that you can ensure that there is a good fit.

Where to find crisis counsellors quickly 

Normally, a person who is having a serious mental health emergency may be referred to as a confidential hotline. Sometimes these services can refer you to a counsellor over the phone, who will see you right away. In other cases, someone dealing with a mental health crisis will be unable to wait until they can have an appointment scheduled and will be immediately referred to an emergency room.

While getting the help that you need for a mental health condition is critical, having a counsellor who you can work with at any time can help you to feel less anxious. Through KCC Direct, you can schedule an appointment with a trained counsellor, online, day or night. After you have made first contact, you can continue to connect with a counsellor via the internet or phone, or you can come in for an in-person counselling session.


Keeping yourself isolated or acting like everything is okay will not help you to truly cope with your issues. Sometimes counselling can be uncomfortable but know that it is not necessary for you to talk about and relive past traumas in order to get better.

Find a counsellor who makes you feel comfortable, trust the process, and go at the pace that you set for yourself. 

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the managing director of Psychreg.

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