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Tinder for Couples? Alternatives Dating Apps That Are More ‘Poly’ Friendly

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Due to less and less stigma nowadays, there are many people now practising ethical non-monogamy or in layman’s terms, polygamy is on the rise. More Singles are choosing to meet their partners online, so it is only obvious now that there is a need for good dating apps that cater to non-monogamous people. 

Before you dive into the world of polygamous-friendly apps, you need to remember there are many, many ways to identify under the umbrella term of polygamy. But there is one thing that is common: no expectations of exclusivity. Whether emotional or physical, exclusivity is not something that exists in such relationships. 

Dating apps make this lack of exclusivity not something to be shunned, but to be embraced. So, let us look at some dating apps that are poly-friendly.

Is Tinder poly friendly?

Lucas Stallion, from SwingersThing.com, said: ‘The major issue with Tinder is that people take your profile at face value and then judge you for it. Chances are, someone swiping on you might not read through the bio properly and if you put “married” as your status, for example, most people will assume you are on Tinder to cheat.’

They would not take the time to actually check whether you are non-monogamous. Other Tinder users will not know that you are seeking a third partner to date together with your present partner. 

You could be open, and you could be doing it properly by considering the feelings and needs of others. Yet, misunderstandings will arise. On dating apps like Tinder, if you define yourself as poly, you are likely to get messages from people who either assume you are promiscuous and up for anything, thereby increasing your chances of getting harassed. 

Tinder is not a good dating app platform for polygamous relationships, so it would be better to just find an app that accommodates poly identities.  


If you’re looking for a site that offers anonymous adult dating and free adult chat, look no further than Flingster. Your identity is kept secret during video chats with virtual masks; with over a dozen options, you get to pick the one that’s the perfect match for your personality and mood. Video sex chats aren’t everybody’s thing, though; if you prefer chatting over text or a mic, you can do that too.

Registration isn’t just easy; it’s also optional! You can use the site in complete anonymity, or you can sign up to access some additional features. Once you’re online, you can filter your results by both gender and location. Everyone is welcome on Flingster, so you shouldn’t have any problem finding the kind of people who tick all your boxes. With thousands of users from all over the globe, you’re sure to love meeting strangers for adult chats on Flingster!


Time for a public service announcement: Feeld is among the best apps out there for non-monogamous people. It is well-known that people have had good overall experiences with this app as it is designed for open relationships and anyone looking to explore styles of alternative sex practices, such as kinks. In short, Feeld motivates you to be yourself on the app, even if that entails seeing many people. It is a breath of fresh air for polygamous people. 


You may have never heard of #Open as it is a new app that was created on the concept of non-monogamous dating specifically. #Open is literally creed for ethical non-monogamous, polyamorous, and open people. They have a variety of IRL and virtual community events as well, so you can get a quick start on meeting your next match as soon as possible, all while surrounded by people who share the same inclination as you.

Ashley Madison

You have probably heard of this dating website that is known for discreet dating and affairs. It is popular even though it is controversial; many people use it. Presently, you can find this dating sites in app format too. Ashley Madison claims the service is legit for anyone, including polygamous people particularly. The main point of Ashley Madison is that it is a space free of judgment, which implies it is also a place where non-monogamous people can go on dates and explore their sexuality too.   


In simple words, BiCupid does what it has it its name; it caters to bisexual people seeking polygamy. BiCupid is for anyone who is into a vast range of forms of relationships. Whether it is adding a third person to your present relationship, wanting to encounter more single non-monogamous people, or just wanting to talk to other bi-identified people, you can do all of that on BiCupid.   


Yes, OkCupid is not particularly made or known for its polygamous community, but it does have features now that let you express your non-monogamous identity. This implies that you can look up and match with other non-monogamous people on the app who are looking for both longer-term and short-term connections in your area. 


MoreThanOne is created specifically for non-monogamous people. The app is meant to be used by both single polygamous people and for ethical, open, polyamorous relationships. Additionally, according to the app, it is welcoming of all identities, genders, and sexualities. MoreThanOne also does not ask you about your identity if you do not like putting labels on it.  


Another app created to fill the space in the non-monogamous dating world, PolyFinda allows you to navigate dating the way you want. It was designed for all preferences and genders by members of the non-monogamous community. You can state whether you are in a pair and venture to add more persons to your relationship. You can put what characteristics you are looking for in people and whether you are in the mood for something casual or not. 

All the traditional apps: Bumble, Hinge

If you are planning to use the more popular dating apps such as Bumble or Hinge, there are a few useful notes for your bio to display that you are looking for more than one partner. First, ensure you clearly state you are ethically non-monogamous in your bio. 

Are you looking for a third person in your present duo? Just make it clear and make sure that both you and your present partner have access to the account. It might help to even establish boundaries with your partner so that you are using it together and not separately. You need total transparency to make it work. You cannot afford to be shy or cagey, because that comes from a place of dishonesty, which is not a great place to begin. 

Possibly, not all apps will be perfect since poly identities are not a monolith. So a little trial and error are inevitable, therefore, you cannot knock it till you try it. 

Alicia Saville did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She is interested in mental health and well-being.

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