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Time To Explore: Holidays May Improve Couples’ Intimacy

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Did you know that holiday time can add some serious sizzle to your sex life?

According to a study conducted by Passport-Photo.Online, an online biometric photo service and travel industry researcher, taking a complete break from work and immersing yourself in a holiday experience can add some much-needed spice to your relationship with your partner. 

The Passport Photo Online study aimed to uncover the mating habits of Americans while on holidays with their partners, identify the most common preferences for romantic holiday locations, and examine the impact of technology and work on their intimate relationships.

This study surveyed 1,019 respondents from the US who had been in a relationship and went on holiday with their partner at least once. It was conducted in July 2022, and the average age of the participants ranged from 26 to 38, with 52.4% male. The results were gathered through an online survey that covered various questions, ranging from general inquiries about increased kinkiness while traveling with a partner to specific queries about preferred locations for holiday intimacy.

Max Woolf, the study author from Passport Photo Online, claims that this phenomenon can be attributed to the unique conditions the travel experience offers.

“Travel makes a lot of things better. It frees you up from stressors, allows you to decompress, and generally helps shed your everyday skin. The result? Your brain gets to spend more time and energy on more pleasurable things like sex. In turn, that makes intimacy with your partner much more delicious.”, Max explains.

His point is illustrated in the following survey findings.

First of all, this research strongly supports the notion that holidays contribute to a more fulfilling intimate life. Fifty percent of Americans reported having more sex while on holiday. It’s not just more, but better sex. A staggering 80% of couples believe that sex is more enjoyable when away from home, with 85% expressing a willingness to explore kinkier activities while traveling. Additionally, 72% of American couples are more likely to experiment and act out their fantasies during holidays, leaving their routines behind.

The study also delved into the preferred venues for intimate encounters during holidays. It revealed that hotel rooms are the sweet spot for love, preferred by 75% of couples, followed by showers or bathtubs at 65%. Other romantic rendezvous locations include tents (60%) and rental cars (39%).

Regarding fantasized locations for holiday sex, couples have their own dreams. The top choices were on a beach (51%), in nature (49%), in the ocean or sea (45%), on a balcony (42%), and in a hot tub or pool (40%). Surprisingly, 24% even fantasized about getting intimate aboard some form of public transportation, such as an airplane, train, bus, or boat.

However, holiday sex does come with its challenges and drawbacks, as the study also explored. A staggering 83% of respondents felt that their sex life suffered from too much screen time during travel. In comparison, 82% claimed that work-related obligations, such as emails and messages from coworkers, hindered them from engaging in intimate activities with their partner at least once during their holiday.

Max Woolf concluded: “Perhaps, new surroundings could be particularly stimulating and encourage many to add some zing to their sex life. You can take advantage of a private balcony looking out on the rustling palm trees or get it on in the newly-discovered bathtub.”

He also highlighted the negative impact of the hustle culture, which keeps us constantly connected to work. Max emphasized that it’s essential to resist the temptation to work during holidays to maintain a vibrant holiday vibe.

After all, the break from work not only provides a much-needed rest but also fosters intimacy, shifting the focus from productivity to connection.

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