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TikTok’s Trending Tips on Shrinking Your Festive Footprint This Season

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According to reports, an additional 30% of waste is produced and discarded in the UK over the festive period when compared to the rest of the year.

Shockingly, the data also shows that more than 100 million bags of trash are created and find their way into landfills across the country every single Christmas.

In the spirit of mindful consumption, eco-friendly rubbish removal company Clear It Waste has scoured TikTok to bring you a round-up of 2023’s most creative and cost-effective environmentally friendly Christmas trends.

1. DIY Christmas tree

With over 72.3 million TikTok hashtag views, DIY Christmas trees are the hottest eco-friendly trend on TikTok this season. From repurposed materials to potted plant alternatives, creating your own DIY Christmas tree allows you to repurpose items that might otherwise go to waste. 

Eco-friendly TikTok influencers have created trees out of branches and twigs, recycled cardboard, leftover fabric, and even wine corks to create unique and quirky takes on the traditional Christmas pine tree! 

Involving family members, especially children, in the creation of a DIY Christmas tree also provides an opportunity to discuss the importance of sustainability and environmental conservation.

Instead of a traditional cut tree, you can also opt for a potted plant or a small sapling. This allows you to enjoy the festive atmosphere of a traditional Christmas tree while having the option to replant it or keep it alive for future use.

2. Upcycled Christmas

With upwards of 2.3 million TikTok hashtag views, the upcycling trend is a firm festive favourite. Think everything from DIY ornaments to greener gift exchanges; having an upcycled Christmas is a wonderful way to celebrate the holiday season with a focus on sustainability and creativity. 

Get crafty and create unique Christmas ornaments from old CDs, bottle caps, fabric scraps, or even repurposed metal. Use paint, glitter, or other craft supplies to add a festive touch. You can even repurpose old jars, cans, or wine bottles into candle holders, adding paint or decorations.

Instead of adding to the ever-growing Christmas shopping crowds, why not host a gift exchange where participants bring items they no longer need or want? This way, everyone gets something “new” without contributing to new production. Create handmade gifts using materials you already have. This could include knitted scarves, homemade candles, or even upcycled jewelry.

3. Eco-friendly wrapping 

Mountains of colourful paper, glossy ribbons, and single-use materials contribute to a significant surge in waste during the festive season. 

Amassing an impressive 77.1K hashtag views on TikTok, eco-friendly wrapping is a simple and cost-effective way to add a touch of sustainability to your holiday traditions.

Using eco-friendly wrapping encourages the use of materials such as fabric, reusable gift bags, or recycled paper, which can be utilised for multiple occasions, minimising overall waste.

  • Wrap gifts in reusable materials such as fabric, scarves, or even newspaper.
  • Avoid glossy or metallic wrapping paper, as it is often not recyclable.
  • Encourage recipients to save and reuse wrapping materials for future gifts.
  • Decorate with natural elements like twigs or dried flowers.

4. Digital Christmas cards

In fourth place with 37.4K TikTok views, digital Christmas cards are a small yet impactful way to celebrate the spirit of the season while being mindful of your festive footprint. 

Traditional paper cards often end up as waste after the holiday season, contributing to landfill problems. Digital cards don’t generate physical waste, reducing the environmental impact associated with disposal.

As an added bonus, digital cards are often more cost-effective than purchasing and mailing traditional cards, saving you time, money, and the stress of worrying over whether your card will reach its destination on time!

5. Experience a gift box

Instead of giving a physical gift, an experience gift box offers your loved ones the opportunity to enjoy a specific activity or experience. These boxes typically contain vouchers, certificates, or details about a pre-planned experience or set of experiences.

These gift boxes can cover a wide range of activities, ranging from spa treatments, cooking classes, and outdoor adventures to cultural events, concerts, and even travel getaways. 

The best part about gifting an experience is that it helps loved ones create lasting memories, and unlike material gifts that may eventually be discarded or sent to landfills, the memories from experiences can endure over time.

With 10.5K TikTok hashtag views, the trend of experience gift giving is here to stay this Christmas. 

To round up these festive tips, Clear It Waste’s Josh Clark shares some advice for mindful gifting this Christmas:

“Mindful gift giving encourages a shift away from excessive consumerism. Instead of focusing on quantity, it emphasises the thought and intention behind the gift. This approach helps combat the “throwaway culture” often associated with the holiday season and is a cost-effective way to show your appreciation for friends and family. Here are three key tips to keep in mind before you start your Christmas shopping this year:

  • Choose gifts that are durable, practical, and have a long lifespan.
  • Opt for experience-based gifts or consumables rather than material items to minimise waste.
  • Consider handmade or locally sourced gifts to support local businesses and reduce transportation emissions.”

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