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TikTok’s Favourite Wall Colours Can Boost Your Mood Says Expert

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“Ancient cultures such as the Egyptians and Chinese practised colour therapy called colorology or chromotherapy. Today, colorology is still a significant part of holistic and alternative treatments. For example, yellow is wonderful for stimulating the nerves, and orange for boosting energy levels.

“People can apply these same practices in their interiors by selecting a wall colour that stimulates the mood you want to create in your home,” says Emily Simmons, creative director at Ruggable.

Top five most energising wall colours


Yellow is the brightest shade on the visible spectrum, representing light and positivity. Opting for yellow walls can give a room a feeling of warmth and hope. In addition, yellow symbolises a sharp mind, intellect, and curiosity, which is why it is particularly well-suited for a study or reading room.


Blue is generally considered a calming colour and, as the colour of the sky, has always been associated with nature. It inspires us to focus on the now and can greatly alleviate everyday stress. 

Banks and insurance companies use blue because of its neutral and objective appearance. Psychologically, we also associate the colour blue with calm and reason.


In colour psychology, green is considered the colour of hope and has a natural calming effect. It stands for harmony and balance and represents the power of nature.

When we think of green, we think of images of lush meadows and vast forests, places of refuge for those who want to recharge their batteries or find peace within themselves.

Psychologically, we associate it with life, contentment, security, and love. It creates a sense of balance and tolerance in people and can create an optimal sense of well-being in your interiors.


White represents purity and is perfect for people who want to keep their home in a minimalist style. It gives a room a pleasant lightness and tranquillity. 

In colour psychology, we associate the hue with peace, order and purity. Like grey, white represents a change in life and is, therefore, wonderful for a new beginning. It also helps to combat emotional upsets and can make us feel better in difficult situations.

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