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Tiktok’s Pink Noise Trend Will Increase Productivity at Work, According to Expert

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With its mesmerising appeal and a staggering 29.5 million views on TikTok, there’s a new musical trend sweeping the digital realm: pink noise. Far from being just another catchy tune, pink noise has captured the attention of listeners for its remarkable ability to both calm and motivate. 

Adam Butler, workplace solutions expert and CEO at Officeology has explained why pink noise is beneficial for employees: 

“From white noise to brown noise, there are many different sounds that help to calm the mind. However, although pink noise and white noise are similar, pink noise has reduced higher frequencies making it a lot more soothing and calming. 

“For employees, listening to pink noise can help keep them focused on tasks and, ultimately, increase productivity levels. 

“Sometimes, work can be overwhelming, especially if you have multiple tasks to complete in the day, and this can lead to productivity levels dropping, due to workers panicking over workload rather than being able to focus on getting the tasks complete. 

“Therefore, by listening to pink noise, it can help keep your mind focused and avoid you becoming distracted from other thoughts.” 

It’s also been recognised that the ambient sounds of pink noise are great for initiating creativity, making it an ideal sound choice for those working in fields where creativity is key. 

Finally, it can be a struggle to stay motivated after lunchtime. It’s close to the end of the day and, if you’ve just enjoyed a big lunch, you can start to feel lethargic and ready for home! That’s why I believe listening to focus music at this time of day is best for performance and productivity. 

Getting into a routine in the afternoon of putting on your headphones and listening to pink noise means your brain can then begin to focus on the sounds, which can distract you from feeling demotivated, helping you power through to the end of the day. This not only ensures tasks are completed, but it helps employees feel a sense of accomplishment knowing they have had a productive afternoon, which positively impacts well-being.

By reducing higher frequencies, pink noise creates a soothing and calming environment, allowing employees to stay focused on their tasks and avoid distractions. Moreover, the ambient sounds of pink noise can stimulate creativity, making it an ideal choice for individuals working in creative fields. Additionally, incorporating pink noise into the afternoon routine can combat post-lunch lethargy, keeping employees motivated and helping them power through the rest of the day. Ultimately, embracing pink noise not only ensures task completion but also contributes to a sense of accomplishment and overall well-being among employees.

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