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TikTok Air Fryer Hacks That Will “Change Your Life”

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The Amazon big spring sale has kicked off this week in Canada (20th–25th March) and reports reveal that air fryers are up to 43% off. With its versatility and efficiency, the air fryer has become a staple appliance in Canadian households.

According to Statista, the air-fryer market in Canada is expected to grow annually by 11.62%. TikTok has emerged as a hub for culinary inspiration, with the #airfryerhacks hashtag amassing a staggering 545.3 million views.

According to new research by food box company Chefs Plate, searches for “air fryer” increased by 21% in the past quarter, with an average of 138K searches per month.

Chefs Plate has revealed six surprising air-fryer hacks, promising to revolutionise the way we cook, save time, and cut costs.

1. Baking soda cleaning hack

A hack by @thetummyfairy gained over 1.3 million views on TikTok. To clean your air fryer, you only need to pop in a squirt of washing-up liquid along with a quarter cup of baking soda to the air fryer draw before filling it up all the way to the top with boiling water. Then, simply wait 20 minutes before pouring it out and rinsing it with warm water.

All you have to do after that is just dry the drawer with a paper towel to mop up any leftover residue and it’ll be “like brand new”.

2. The “double-decker bus” method 

Talking to TikTok, @Mattjfit said this was the “greatest air fryer hack of all time”, as he said it would “genuinely change your life”. In the video, he can be seen cooking chicken as he places it at the very bottom of the air fryer.

But he said that as a “double-decker bus”, you can put the removable air rack on top of the food, allowing space for more. So you’re stacking your air fryer.

“This little tray thing, if you’ve got one of the new Ninja ones, or the other ones if they come with it, you can just chuck it on top of the chicken and then you put more chicken on top, so it’s like a double-decker bus of air fryers.

“You’d assume that the chicken is all just going to get squashed and not cooked.” He continued: “I actually can’t believe it worked.”

3. Line basket

Prevent food sticking and building up by using a silicone liner, foil or parchment paper to make cleaning easier. This is a super simple yet effective hack to save time and effort!

4. Batch cooking and freezing

Use the air fryer to batch-cook meals and freeze them for later use. Prepare large batches of chicken tenders, meatballs, or vegetable patties in the air fryer, then portion them out and freeze. When ready to eat, simply reheat the pre-cooked portions in the air fryer for a quick and convenient meal.

5. Hard-boiled eggs

Forget boiling water on the stove. TikTok users have discovered that placing eggs directly in the air fryer at a certain temperature and time can yield perfectly cooked hard-boiled eggs with easy-to-peel shells.

6. DIY croutons and toasted nuts

Make your own croutons and toasted nuts using the air fryer. Simply cube stale bread, toss it in olive oil and seasonings, and then air fry until golden brown and crispy.

Similarly, toss nuts in seasoning and air fry for a few minutes until toasted, resulting in homemade toppings for salads, soups, or snacks at a fraction of the cost of store-bought varieties.

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