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How to Keep a Thought Diary to Combat Anxiety

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Each human being experiences thoughts that rush through their mind from time to time. The thoughts can either be pleasing or stressful which lead to anxiety. The article will discuss the best way to keep a thought diary which helps in avoiding anxiety.

Write the anxious thoughts on the diary

Many people tend to ignore anxious thoughts whenever they experience them. Complacency develops because people believe these thoughts will eventually go away over time. However, they suffer because these anxious thoughts remain in their mind and flash in irregular intervals hence affecting an individual’s behavior. Embracing anxious thoughts through a thought diary is very essential to avoid irregular behaviour change. ‘A person can combat anxiety through a thought diary by writing down their anxious thoughts whenever they experience,’ says Melissa Johnston, a health writer at Toulmin Essay and APA 7th Edition. Writing down these thoughts helps a person relieve the pressure built which helps him or her feel lighter mentally.

Rest the brain through planning

Anxious moments tend to exhaust the brain due to overthinking. People experiencing anxious thoughts may go for hours without sleep because their brain is always active. Such situations create serious health issues like fatigue. One can use a thought diary to rest the brain from anxiety. A simple task like writing down activities one will engage in for the next day is very essential in resting the brain. The task can be done before one goes to bed so that the brain becomes relaxed because the sense that things are sorted out will be created. Giving the brain rest by putting different activities in order through writing on a thought diary will ensure an individual avoids different health complications. Additionally, to further relax the mind, a person experiencing anxiety thoughts can plan their next day by writing on the thought diary how they will spend the day. Doing so will ensure the brain keeps calm and allows the individual to rest hence avoiding fatigue.

Write happy thoughts

It is very essential to maintain a happy and positive mood to avoid any anxiety thoughts. A happy mood is essential in stimulating hormones in the brain that lead to happy thoughts. After writing anxious thoughts on the diary, an individual can write thoughts that lead to happiness and make them relaxed. For example, if one feels happy thinking about his or her family, writing about these thoughts on the thought diary will ensure they remain happy and in a positive mood. However, one has to be completely sure that the thoughts bring happy memories.  If there is a sense of anxiety brought by the happy thoughts then there may be flashes of anxious thoughts.

Write peace-provoking quotes

Having a peace of mind is necessary to combat anxious thoughts. When one has peace, it is very rare to experience anxiety because the mind will always be relaxed. However, lacking a peaceful environment is a trigger for anxious thoughts in an individual. According to Jessica Boulder, a mind and body writer at BeeStudent and SwiftPapers: One can avoid anxiety by writing down quotes that make them feel at peace.” Creating a peaceful thread will ensure one creates a positive environment which will be helpful in combating anxiety. In the thought diary, one can write content such as uplifting quotes, draw pictures that bring peace and joy. Additionally, one can write future and realistic goals that one wants to achieve and also write accomplishments that brought happiness.

Write happy words as motivation

The mind needs motivation to work and remain nourished. Anxious thoughts are a source of fatigue and disorder that makes an individual mentally malnourished. Additionally, excessive anxious thoughts affect the general health and wellbeing of an individual. To combat anxiety, it is necessary to nourish the mind and soul so that an individual maintains positivity. One can achieve this by writing positive words on the thought diary which will act as fuel for the mind hence triggering positivity. On the thought diary, one can write how they want to feel in the future so that they can avoid anxious thoughts. For example, words such as ‘I am strong’ or ‘I can do it’ can play a critical part in creating positivity within an individual’s environment. The words act as nourishment to the soul and brain hence combating anxiety.

In conclusion, a thought diary is very essential because it helps one create a positive environment that combats anxiety. Writing down anxious thoughts and positive experiences helps one combat anxiety and remain positive.

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