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Thomas Henley Becomes Charity Ambassador for Anna Kennedy Online

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Thomas Henley is an online video and podcast creator, a Commonwealth Gold medallist in taekwondo, a filmmaker, and a Biomedical Sciences honours graduate from the University of Manchester.

Thomas was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at 10 years old, and a number of severe mental health disorders at the 14.

He has dedicated his life to the goal of improving mental health support and social inclusion for autistic people, and seeks to achieve things that go against the grain of what society deems possible for autistic individuals. Thomas seeks to find ways of communicating the autistic experience to a more mainstream audience.

Appealing to people with his honesty and insight on his YouTube channel, Asperger’s Growth and the Thoughty Auti Podcast.

Aspergers in Society is a documentary about autism and mental health that’s achieved over 4,500 views in just over three weeks. Thomas created this short-film in his final year of university and taught himself all the necessary skills to create it independently over the course of 300–400 hours.

Thomas’s outstanding accolades range from being awarded the Best Male Fighter trophy for his final match at the Commonwealth championships, to his Gold Manchester Leadership award for 70+ hours of volunteering, and his appearance on a number of high profile podcasts and radio shows.

Subject to bullying, social isolation, and discrimination due to his autism, Thomas realised just how many autistic individuals have poor and traumatic life experiences through his various works on social media sites and public speaking.

Fuelled by his desire to enact change in society and provide a strong role model to autistic children, he is delighted to be a part of the Anna Kennedy Online family.

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