Thomas Faulkenberry

Thomas (Tom) Faulkenberry is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychological Sciences at Tarleton State University.  Tom earned a BS (with highest honours) in Mathematics from Southeastern Oklahoma State University, an MS in Mathematics from Oklahoma State University, and a PhD in Psychology from Texas A&M University – Commerce. 

Tom is an experimental psychologist whose primary work is in numerical and mathematical cognition.  His research is focused on how people mentally work with numbers and basic mathematics.  In his most recent work, he has published several papers using computer mouse tracking to record the hand movements that people make while making numerical decisions, providing a window into how mental representations of number form over time.  He has also collaborated with vision scientists to study the features that guide visual search for numbers, finding that when searching among a set of number symbols, people tend to form independent, parallel representations of physical size and numerical size.

Tom is currently an Associate Editor for the Journal of Psychological Inquiry and a Review Editor for Frontiers in Psychology.  In addition, Tom currently serves as the Texas Representative for the Southwestern Psychological Association and is a Fellow of the Psychonomic Society.  Tom was awarded the Faculty Excellence in Scholarship Award at Tarleton State University in 2015 and named a Faculty Fellow at Tarleton State University in 2016.

Tom’s research interests include numerical cognition, mathematical cognition, experimental psychology, cognitive psychology, statistics and methodology, and mathematics education.  For a list of his publications, click here. You can also follow and contact him on Twitter @tomfaulkenberry and Facebook (

Published: 16 August 2016

Last update: 03 September 2016

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