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This Is When You Need to Switch to Sandals, According to a Podiatrist

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Looking forward to yet another sweltering summer here in the UK? With interest for “sandals” peaking in May of last year with over 1.5 million searches, now is the perfect time to consider when we should be switching out our “shoedrobe”.

To help you decide when it’s trainers out and sandals in, podiatrist Keira Moore, working with sandal specialists, Pavers, reveals exactly when you should swap to a summer sandal and why you should reconsider sticking to trainers.

Keira explained: “There is no set temperature to wait for before changing your footwear as each individual senses heat differently, so what may be warm to you may still be cool to me.

“Instead the body is very good at telling you when it requires a change. The most notable changes to be aware of are if your feet begin to smell or they’re visibly wet then you should definitely switch up your footwear to something lighter and more breathable.” 

You may be tempted to stick to your trusty trainers or boots this summer but you may want to rethink your shoedrobe once you learn what could happen to your ten-toed companions.

Keira explained: “Wearing any closed shoe in warm weather will increase the amount of sweat the foot produces, leading to excessive maceration, otherwise known as a wet foot.

“This can cause skin conditions such as athlete’s foot, which can be quite uncomfortable and requires treatment. You can expect your feet to get smellier too as a sweaty shoe is the perfect environment for bacteria to breed.”

Every year new sandals on the market take a different shape, with trending brands and design features taking centre stage, so what should we look for to prioritise our foot health?

Keira noted: “Generally, sandals offer limited support so I would recommend that they’re worn sparingly, for example, if you’re relaxing in the garden or lounging around a pool.

“The key sandal feature to look out for is strapping – the more the better! Straps will ensure that the shoe holds onto the foot and doesn’t require the foot to hold on to the shoe. The latter scenario can quickly cause common issues like blisters and muscle aches.”

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