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This Is How Many Calories Are Burned During Sex, Plus How to Boost Your Stamina

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Condoms UK’s experts have delved into the world of fitness and uncovered the astonishing number of calories the average person burns during sex. This newfound information not only adds a dash of excitement to your fitness routine but also promises to redefine wellness in 2024.

Mayo Clinic’s cutting-edge research highlights that burning 3,500 calories results in shedding one pound of fat. Applying this to the average individual, weighing 198 pounds for men and 170 pounds for women, engaging in approximately 6 hours and 23 minutes or 7 hours and 27 minutes of sex, respectively, could lead to the loss of a pound of fat.

Sex duration and calories burned

  • 10 minutes: 78 calories (women), 91 calories (men)
  • 20 minutes: 156 calories (women), 182 calories (men)
  • 30 minutes: 234 calories (women), 273 calories (men)
  • 40 minutes: 313 calories (women), 364 calories (men)
  • 50 minutes: 391 calories (women), 455 calories (men)
  • 60 minutes: 469 calories (women), 547 calories (men)
  • 90 minutes: 704 calories (women), 820 calories (men)
  • 120 minutes: 939 calories (women), 1094 calories (men)

With this exciting news, it’s evident that sex can be a thrilling addition to your fitness routine. However, considering it takes 6-7 hours to burn a pound of fat, it’s time to boost your stamina for a longer-lasting experience.

Condoms UK’s top six tips

  1. Embrace Kegel exercises, even if you’re a man. Dispelling the myth that only women benefit from Kegel exercises, men can enhance their sex lives by strengthening pelvic floor muscles. For women, Kegels improve arousal, ease reaching orgasm, enhance lubrication, and relax the vagina. Men experience firmer erections as blood flow improves—a win-win for all.
  2. Indulge in extended foreplay. Foreplay isn’t just a prelude; it’s a crucial element in enhancing sexual pleasure and duration. Prolonged anticipation during foreplay heightens pleasure, making it essential for a fulfilling sexual experience.
  3. Explore the edging technique. Practising edging, nearing climax, and pausing effectively delays ejaculation and improves sexual endurance. This technique can be incorporated into both solo and partnered activities.
  4. Opt for thicker condoms. Thicker condoms can desensitise the penis and delay ejaculation, aiding in lasting longer during sex—a simple and effective method to increase sexual endurance.
  5. Embrace regular masturbation. Regular masturbation contributes to building stamina, enabling individuals to last longer during sexual encounters. Deliberately delaying orgasm during solo sessions trains the body to extend the duration.
  6. Master deep breathing techniques. Integrate deep, slow breathing into sexual activities to reduce anxiety and extend the time to ejaculation. Rhythmic breathing promotes relaxation, delaying orgasm and creating a more satisfying sexual experience.

Incorporating these tips into your routine promises not only a healthier lifestyle but also a more satisfying and enduring sexual experience. Let 2024 be the year you redefine wellness through the power of intimacy.

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