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A Third of Brits Want to Boost Their Confidence by Learning a New Skill

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The Knowledge Academy has found that work-related skills such as project management and leadership are the top skills UK adults want to learn in 2024, as more than a quarter (27%) of respondents opted for this.

Brits looking to improve their work-related skills may gain more fulfilment in their roles, as research shows that learning can keep you feeling happy and purposeful at work.

Secondly, improving business management skills (26%), and enhancing business skills (24%), also rank among the top choices, with around a quarter of Brits choosing to focus on these skills this year.

With 1 in 5 Brits hoping to find a new job in 2024, these skills may be a focus for many looking to seek out a career change this year.

Picking up new creative skills such as photography and art also ranks among the top five skills, with almost a quarter (24%) of UK adults claiming they’re keen to do so in 2024.

Creative skills can contribute to reduced stress and greater productivity, making these skills more appealing to many Brits this year.

The top reasons why UK adults want to learn a new skill in 2024


Reasons for learning skills

Percentage of

respondents (%)


To improve my own knowledge and awareness



To help me in everyday life



To open further workplace opportunities



To help me make better or more informed decisions



To help build up my confidence



To help me get a job


The top reason for Brits opting for their chosen skill in 2024 is to improve knowledge and awareness, with half of respondents (50%) sharing this as their reason. 

While almost two-fifths (37%) of those surveyed admit they want to improve on their chosen skill in order to help them in everyday life.

Nearly a third of Brits also look to learn a new skill to boost their confidence (32%). Learning skills can promote positive thinking and boost self-esteem, so it is no wonder why nearly a third of UK adults want to take up new skills due to this.

Talveer Sandhu, from The Knowledge Academy, remarked: “It is fantastic to see a willingness among UK adults to adopt and learn new skills this year, both inside and outside of the workplace. With many looking to open more workplace opportunities for themselves, learning further business and project management skills is always a great way to increase employability, as well as chances of promotion and greater responsibility. 

“Learning skills such as this can not only improve your career, but can also leave you feeling more motivated and fulfilled at work, resulting in greater productivity and quality of work produced. Giving yourself this motivation can improve mental wellbeing, and learning a new skill can give you a sense of accomplishment.

“Whilst work skills seem to be a focus for many respondents this year, it is great to see many looking to learn more creative skills too. Creativity can improve mental wellbeing, and provide many transferable skills such as better communication and problem solving abilities. 

“Overall, whatever skill it is that you choose to learn in 2024, learning and educating yourself not only comes with cognitive benefits, but also boosts confidence, happiness, and improves motivation.”

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