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Things You Should Know About Bongs

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There are a variety of ways to take in dried cannabis. It is possible to use it to roll up in joints or wraps with blunt edges to make it vapourise or smoke it with pipes or bongs. Bongs appear to be among the top sought-after smoking instruments. They are available in various types of materials, shapes and sizes.

The cost of bongs varies based on the kind of bong used and the quality. Read on for information on bong types and the bong that best fits your needs.

Types of bongs based on material

There are two ways to categorise bongs: based on their form and the substance they’re made from. In the beginning, we’ll discuss all of the different types of materials bongs are made from.

The most well-known and popular is Glass. Glass is simple to blow into many different forms for stunning design and utility. Glass bongs, also known as beaker bongs are excellent for most effective accessories, such as percolators and Ice catchers.

Silicone bongs are gaining a lot in popularity with smokers. The most significant benefit of these bongs made of silicone is they will never break (unless you try breaking them.)They’re also spotless and come in a wide variety of colors and sizes.

However, most bongs made from silicone tend to be minor, which results in rougher smoking. They also lack many roofs for percolators, making your smoke smoother and cooler.

Metal is a different material that is used in the production of bongs. Bongs made of metal aren’t as well-known because of several reasons. The primary reason is the taste. Metal bongs usually impart metallic taste to your smoke, something that certain smokers do not like.

Another reason is the nature of metal being completely transparent. You can slip and take the metal with a massive force if you don’t discern the smoke you’re pulling.

One of the advantages of bongs made of steel is their durability, and you’d have to try to break your bong made of metal. The final Material we’ll discuss is acrylic. Although other substances such as bamboo, wood and even plastic, they’re just not as readily available.

Acrylic bongs are similar to silicone bongs because they’re designed for the stoner who isn’t so confident. They were designed to address the problem of glass breaking.

It was an excellent idea, but it was a terrible idea. The hard plastic continues to crack easily, and it is difficult to be sure if the plastic bongs can be used safely.

The acrylic bongs are often the first type to show up when searching for cheap bongs around me. The price isn’t necessarily covering the lack of quality.

Types of bongs based on shape

Of course, there’s an infinite number of options regarding the Shape of the bong. Some are designed to resemble elephants; others appear like scientific equipment. When it boils down to it, bongs use some basic designs. The smallest of bongs is known as the bubbler. They’re the same size as dry pipes but permit you to use water to smoothen the hit. These are ideal for smokers who don’t take part in smoking. They’re easy to put in a closet or drawer until you’re ready to take a puff.

Another form is a beaker-base bong. This is the most popular bong shape, which looks like the Shape of a scientific beaker. Beaker base bongs are excellent bongs suitable for people who smoke regularly but not daily. Their neck length allows smoking to chill sufficiently to smooth and even smoking. You can buy these types of bongs at online websites.

Straight-tube bongs work exactly how they sound. The bong is a long tube with a mouthpiece at the top and its stem on the lower. Straight-tubes tend to be taller in order to accommodate greater water capacity, and their Glass is generally thicker. This makes them extremely sturdy and perfect for casual smokers.

Round-shaped bongs look identical to beaker bases; however, the base is a rounded bulb. It’s also perfect for those who aren’t serious about their session.

These bongs are great for those who smoke multiple times throughout the day and are very serious about their flower.

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