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9 Things You Need to Know About Tooth Gems

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Are you searching for ways to add sparkle and shimmer to your smile? Look no further than tooth gems. They have quickly become one of the newest ways to give teeth some added bling, attached directly onto each surface tooth for a truly customised and distinctive look. However, knowing the particularities and details of tooth gems before diving into this trend is essential. From the history of tooth gems to the different types available, this article will provide you with nine things you need to know about tooth gems.

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Applying tooth gems involves several steps to ensure a safe and effective result. Before the application, the orthodontist will clean the tooth and prepare it for the gem. This preparation process typically involves using a mildly abrasive paste to create a slightly rough surface, which enhances the adhesive bond between the tooth and the gem. They will then apply an adhesive to the tooth’s surface and carefully place the gem onto the glue. The adhesive is designed for dental use, ensuring it is safe and strong enough to secure the gem. After the gem is in place, a special light emitting from a technical pen or a lamp shines onto the designated area to cure the adhesive, ensuring the gem stays in place. This curing process typically takes only a few minutes and helps to create a long-lasting bond that can withstand normal eating and drinking habits. 


First, let’s look at the history of tooth gems. This trend has been around for centuries. It was identified as a method of practice during ancient Mayan civilisation. The teeth ornaments indicated high status and wealth in a community. At one time, tooth gems were considered an elegant way to enhance one’s smile and were used widely across cultures to decorate teeth. However, tooth gems are increasingly sought-after among celebrities and individuals looking to add something unique and distinctive to their smiles.


There are various tooth gems today, such as diamond, gold, and Swarovski crystal; precious and semi-precious stones and custom-made gems are also popular. Diamond tooth gems offer classic elegance, while gold tooth gems add luxuriousness; Swarovski crystal gems come in various colors and shapes that give these accessories their distinctive appearance. Precious and semi-precious stones offer a range of customization options, and custom-made gems provide a unique look.


Tooth gems typically last from several months to several years, depending on various factors such as their type, placement, and oral hygiene practices. To extend their longevity, avoiding chewing hard objects or using toothpaste with harsh abrasive agents is essential so that it cannot damage either the gem or its adhesive. Professional dental removal services offer solutions if it does not suit your tastes or you want to remove them.


The cost of tooth gems depends on their type and the complexity of the application process, and the prices typically range between $30–$200 depending on the material and size of the jewel. Please keep in mind that the total cost doesn’t include additional dental work needed before applying them; instead, there are two expenses you should consider before buying an agate tooth: the actual price and the application costs.


Maintaining tooth gems is essential to ensuring their longevity. These include practicing good oral hygiene, gently brushing your teeth twice daily, and flossing regularly to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Discontinue the use of abrasive toothpaste or whitening products. Harmful substances like tobacco and alcohol can cause damage to the gem or surrounding tooth enamel. Chewing on complex objects which may disfigure the teeth, such as ice, pens, or pencils, can also damage the gem or the adhesive. Touching the gem with your fingers or any other object and sticky foods like caramel or other sweets should also be avoided as they can dislodge it.

Visit your dentist regularly for check-ups. They check the condition of the gem and adhesive and recommend any necessary maintenance. Your tooth gems can last several months or even years with proper care.


While tooth gems are generally safe, there are possibilities of potential risks and side effects to be aware of. It’s important to discuss any concerns with your orthodontist before proceeding with the application of tooth gems. They can help determine if tooth gems are safe for you and provide guidance on proper maintenance and care to minimise the risk of complications. Improper application or use of harmful materials can damage the tooth and surrounding tissue. If the area around the tooth gem cannot be disinfected and cleaned correctly, bacteria can build up and lead to tooth decay or gum disease.

Further risks include damage to the tooth due to harsh adhesives. The adhesive used to attach the tooth gem can cause gum tissue irritation or inflammation, leading to discomfort or swelling. If the adhesive glue is not applied correctly or excessive force is used to apply the tooth gem, it can become loose or even fall off. It’s important to discuss any concerns with your orthodontist before proceeding with the application process.


Tooth gems are a cosmetic procedure and are not suitable for everyone. Age restrictions, health requirements, and other dental conditions can majorly impact whether tooth gems are ideal for you. Therefore, all these factors must be addressed with the orthodontist before further committing or deciding.

Beauty trend

Tooth gems can be a fun addition to multiple occasions, such as weddings or festivals, and can even be used to create a unique Halloween costume. However, tooth tattoos and painting offer creative alternatives to tooth gems for those who prefer a more temporary option. Additionally, tooth jewelry such as grills or barbells provides a unique way to accessorize your smile.


Tooth gems are an exciting and unique way to add sparkle and shimmer to your smile. You should consider several factors before deciding if tooth gems suit you, from their history and types available, application process and maintenance requirements, etc. To ensure the best possible results from wearing tooth gems, choose a trusted orthodontist with experience in applying and caring for them, and always remember to select reliable orthodontists. So why not add extra shine with tooth gems?

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