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Simple Things You Can Do to Be Positive

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Today, we are often pulled in many directions at once. Coping with being a good partner, sibling, friend, parent and worker can be overwhelming. To make matters worse, we often beat ourselves up when we feel we aren’t delivering in one role or another. So, to help you deal with these negativities I am writing a series of articles about ’10 Weeks of Happiness’. 

Early in 2018, I was quite unhappy. Not only was I struggling with my own self-confidence, but I also felt surrounded by negativity in the world, in the news and in the workplace. It was a foreign feeling for me, being a chronic optimist.

One day, as I was driving home from a terrible day at the office, I found myself searching for something (or even anything) uplifting on the radio. Coming up empty, I turned the radio off and tried to think positive thoughts. I made it home but never did get my mood where I wanted it to be that day. I continued to think about that ride home later that night.

I realised that even though I was a very positive person, I sometimes felt the need for a place to go to recharge and recover. I started to wonder if there were others who felt the same way. I began to believe that there we

Buying a radio station wasn’t realistic, so I began to think about what might be.  And the blog, My Best Friend Adeline, was born. I’d like you to think of it as a best friend you can turn to, at any time.  I chose the name Adeline because it means ‘kindness’.

Having compassion means we are understanding and kind to others when they fail or make mistakes. We do not judge them harshly. Self-compassion means we act the same way towards ourselves.  Especially when we’re having a difficult time, or when we fail, or when we notice something we don’t like about ourselves.

My Best Friend Adeline is a place you can go to find unconditional support and encouragement to embrace

My series of articles will be related to 10 specific areas. My hope is that by focusing your thoughts on these suggestions, you’ll begin to experience more happiness, contentment and positivity.

I suggest you focus on one concept per week, revisiting the weekly post each morning to reinforce its message. I recommend you use the notes pages to record activities during the week and your feelings as you complete them. But how you choose to use this book is all up to you. Each passage also contains links to other articles on similar topics, in case you would like to read more. I hope you find my series of articles helpful and enjoyable. And please always remember – we are all so much more than enough.

Joan Senio is a mental health blogger who runs My Best Friend Adeline. She is a wife, mother, sister, daughter, godmother and aunt. 


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