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15 Things People in Great Relationships Have in Common

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In the colourful tapestry of human interaction, great relationships stand out as spectacularly woven designs of unity and understanding. They bring forth an unmatched sense of joy, comfort, and security that truly enriches our life experience. We often wonder what makes these relationships so special, what commonalities they share.

Here are some of the 15 attributes that they commonly share:

  1. Mutual respect. Top of the list is a shared sense of respect. People in great relationships value their partner’s thoughts, feelings, and personal boundaries, leading to a healthy, harmonious existence.
  2. Effective communication. A relationship thrives on the backbone of open, clear, and sincere communication. It fosters understanding, resolves issues, and enables growth.
  3. Shared Goals. Great relationships often have a shared vision for the future. This sense of unity can range from mutual life objectives to aligning on everyday decisions.
  4. Patience. Patience is the adhesive that binds great relationships. Understanding that humans are prone to mistakes and allowing room for personal growth are hallmarks of lasting partnerships.
  5. Quality Time. Investing in shared experiences, from simple daily routines to special occasions, helps to cement bonds and create a treasure trove of shared memories.
  6. Trust. This is an essential ingredient in any great relationship. Trust is not just about fidelity, but also about being reliable, honest, and transparent with your partner.
  7. Empathy. Empathy creates a deeper understanding and connection. It’s about being able to feel what your partner is feeling and providing emotional support when they need it most.
  8. Shared humour. A shared sense of humour can be a secret weapon in great relationships. It keeps things light, encourages bonding, and helps couples weather the stormier times.
  9. Independence. Even while cherishing their shared bond, people in successful relationships understand the importance of personal space and time for individual interests.
  10. Adaptability. Life is unpredictable, and so are relationships. The ability to adapt to new circumstances together, whether joyful or challenging, is integral to lasting partnerships.
  11. Equal effort. A great relationship is a two-way street. It’s not just about taking but also giving. Each party must contribute equally to keep the relationship balanced and thriving.
  12. Gratitude. People in great relationships regularly express their appreciation for each other. This reinforces their mutual respect and nurtures a culture of positivity.
  13. Affection. Regular expressions of love and affection, both big and small, help keep the flame of romance alive and relationships vibrant.
  14. Honesty. Honesty forms the bedrock of trust and is key to maintaining a healthy relationship. Being truthful, even when it’s difficult, contributes to mutual respect and understanding.
  15. Conflict resolution. Disagreements are inevitable, but the ability to resolve them constructively is a sign of a great relationship. This involves listening, expressing oneself clearly, and compromising when needed.

These commonalities may make great relationships sound like an art, but they’re more akin to a dance. A dance of respect, understanding, and love, underpinned by effective communication, trust, and patience. And, just like any dance, they require practice, dedication, and the willingness to occasionally step on each other’s toes, only to apologise and move on, hand in hand.

It’s important to note that no relationship is perfect, and even the greatest ones have their fair share of challenges. However, by embracing these qualities, you can lay a solid foundation for a relationship that not only survives but thrives, offering a unique and beautiful tapestry of shared experiences, mutual growth, and boundless love.

Tim Bennett is a relationship coach and columnist with over two decades of experience. He enjoys stargazing and Texas barbecue when he’s not penning down insights about love and relationships.

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