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4 Things to Do When Your Soul Is Tired

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In our modern world, 90% of adults claim to feel tired. Perhaps, it is not more sleep we need, but more things that inspire us. Spiritual fatigue can be overwhelming. You may sleep, but still not feel like you are fully awake and invigorated about life. When your soul is tired, it can be tough to find your way towards the light.

Faculties like The Truism Center are great resources for helping you become more in tune with your soul. Let’s take a closer look at a few simple things you can do when your soul is tired. 


One of the best things that you can do to reinvigorate your soul is to get moving. You don’t have to spend hours at the gym to get results. Physical movements are one of the best ways to get a release of healthy endorphins which give you a natural high. With just 30 minutes of moderate exercise, you will start to feel your soul starting to lighten up. As your body continues to move, your circulation will increase, your heart will open for new blood flow and your mood will be boosted. 


With personal schedules getting out of control and so many demands on your time, life can be overwhelming. To help renew your soul, you need to step away from the noise and constant movement. Taking just 20 minutes each day to sit quietly in calm reflective meditation can help you to reawaken your soul. If you are new to meditation, there are many instructional books, online courses and apps that can help you to get started. 

Deep breathing

Breathing is a life essential that doesn’t get enough attention for the power that it possesses. If you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious, it will make you feel spiritually exhausted. Deep breathing techniques can help you bring your soul back to life and heal your body. When you practice deep breathing exercises you lower your blood pressure, regulate your heart rate, calm your nervous system and help balance your mood. You can find deep breathing guidance online or use the classic process that has you breath in for the count of four, hold for four, and breathe out for the count of eight.

Get back to nature

We are all natural creatures that rely on the world around us for survival and comfort. As modern-day humans, we seem to spend most of our time avoiding the natural world. If you have been feeling down or spiritually tired, you can try getting back out into nature. A short walk in the park or scheduling a healing weekend in the woods can help you to bring your soul back to life. Fresh air can make a world of difference to your general attitude and feeling of well-being. 

If you are feeling tired, and it doesn’t seem to matter how much rest you are getting, you could have a soul exhausted by the demands you are putting on it. Follow these tips to help awaken your soul.

Adam Mulligan did his degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. He is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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