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The Things All Couples Regret About Their Wedding Day – And the 1 Thing They All Forget About)

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As the official wedding season kicks off here in the UK, Zoe Burke, leading wedding expert and editor of wedding planning platform Hitched.co.uk reveals the things that many couples regret about their big day, as well as the one thing that is often forgotten completely.

Chasing for RSVPs

Having to follow up with invited guests is one of the most annoying tasks any newlywed will have on their to-do list, and something many will regret not doing, according to Zoe. 

“Save the date cards are usually sent out to guests with at least six months notice, with the official invite following a few months later, giving guests plenty of time to decide whether they can make the big day or not. 

“Unfortunately, there will always be guests who simply forget to RSVP, or who assume that by mentioning in passing that they will be attending, they no longer need to return an official RSVP.”

For guests who haven’t responded by the official RSVP date, which is usually within a month of the big day, Zoe suggests doing it on their behalf so you don’t regret not saying something to them ahead of time: “It’s perfectly acceptable to send guests who haven’t responded a note telling them that as the RSVP date has passed and you’ve not had a response, you’ve had to assume they can’t make it. 

“Tell them that you’re disappointed they won’t be coming to your wedding, but final numbers have been locked in now and you’re sorry you’ll miss them on the day.

“It’s not right for any guest to just assume their presence will be expected, and couples have enough on their plates of wedding planning to have to chase guests who have been lucky enough to be invited along.”

Wearing new shoes

The last thing anyone wants on their wedding day is bloody and blistered feet, so Zoe recommends making sure all new shoes are broken in at least a week before the wedding day. 

“Even if they were super comfy when you bought them, new shoes are going to need breaking in long before your big day, because there’s nothing that will ruin your day more than painful feet when so much of the day revolves around you being on the move.

“Wear them around the house, wear them with socks, wear them in the office – the more wear you get out of them ahead of the big day, the better.”

Not relaxing on the day

Perhaps the biggest regret of all is that, after all the months of planning and stress and making sure you haven’t forgotten anything for that one special day, is by not enjoy it when the time comes. 

“Wedding planning typically takes around 24 months, according to the latest National Wedding Survey, which is a hell of a long time to be thinking about one day”, says Zoe. “The best thing you can do is make sure everything is done and dusted a few days before the wedding day, so that you have time to just relax before all the planning comes together for one wonderful day.

“There’s nothing that can or will go wrong on the day that can’t be fixed, so it’s really not worth worrying about past a certain point. 

“Your wedding day is meant to be the happiest day of your life, and I just see so many newlyweds say that they wish they had enjoyed their day more, but they were too focused on making sure everything was going to plan.

“By the day of the wedding, the only plan should be to enjoy yourself – that’s your only job on your wedding day!”

Zoe says that the one thing so many nearlyweds forget to do ahead of their wedding day is to make a really good checklist of all the things that need to be done, and by when. “Having a wedding planning checklist means you are much less likely to forget any important tasks on the wedding planning list, and will help to keep you organised throughout the entire process.

“Checklists are also really handy when it comes to knowing where to start and what order to do things in, especially as every couple has their own wedding planning timeline, with some couples getting married really quickly and others taking their time over a number of years.

“But whatever your timeline looks like, our 12 month wedding checklist is a terrific guide to knowing the rough order of when things need to be done and what needs prioritising.”

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