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These Are the Top 5 Winter Wedding Trends According to TikTok

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The chill in the air, the magic of softly falling snow, and the promise of cosy gatherings by the fireplace – winter offers an enchanting backdrop for couples to say, “I do”. Wedding supply experts Aura Print have combed TikTok to bring you the top five quirky winter wedding trends for this season, from décor that draws inspiration from the natural beauty of the season to inventive ways to stay warm.

Hot Chocolate Bar: 112.7 million TikTok views

With over 112.7 million TikTok hashtag views, hot chocolate bars have taken the world of winter weddings by storm. Moving away from traditional champagne toasts and wine, these bars offer a warm, decadent, and customisable alternative. As temperatures drop in the evening, guests can enjoy a sweet treat to keep their spirits high on the dance floor. For younger guests or those who prefer non-alcoholic options, a hot chocolate bar is an inclusive and delightful choice.

Wedding Scarf: 12.7 million TikTok Views

Securing second place is the wedding scarf, with 12.7 million views. Winter brides face the unique challenge of blending style with comfort; a wedding scarf elegantly addresses this. It adds grace to a simple wedding dress, transforming it into winter wonderland attire. Brides can stay cosy during outdoor photoshoots and easily remove the scarf when moving indoors, ensuring comfort without compromising on style.

Crystal Wedding: 2.8 million TikTok Views

The crystal wedding trend, amassing over 2.8 million views, involves incorporating crystals and gemstones into wedding décor for their aesthetic appeal, symbolism, or spiritual significance. Couples might select crystals that resonate with their intentions for the wedding day, like love or harmony. The trend extends to wedding bouquets, jewellery, and even stationery, featuring crystal-inspired designs for a touch of elegance and mystique.

Winter Mocktail: 607.4K TikTok views

The winter mocktail is gaining over 607,000 views. Recognising that not all guests may consume alcohol, offering a non-alcoholic winter warmer ensures everyone can enjoy a special drink. “Many couples now include mocktail menus alongside traditional alcoholic beverages. This allows non-drinkers to feel equally celebrated,” comments Liam Smith from Aura Print.

Snow White Wedding: 29.4K TikTok views

With 29.4K views, the Snow White wedding draws inspiration from the classic Disney fairytale, focusing on enchantment, romance, and vintage charm. Ideal venues for this theme include those with lush gardens or ornate architecture, evoking the fairytale’s woodland setting with wooden accents, moss, and greenery.

Embracing unique celebrations

These trends represent a shift in wedding celebrations, embracing uniqueness and personalisation. As TikTok continues to influence the wedding industry, couples are finding new ways to make their special day memorable and inclusive for all guests. With these non-traditional ideas, winter weddings can be transformed into magical, bespoke events that celebrate love in all its forms.

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