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These Are Officially the Lake District’s Spookiest Locations

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As searches for haunted locations near me have seen an 80% increase in the last seven days Brits are looking for spooky things to do to get into the Halloween spirit. The Lake District is no stranger to myths and folklore so what better place to celebrate than exploring this beautiful and historical location?

With this in mind, the travel experts at Sally’s Cottages have delved into Tripadvisor data to reveal the most haunted destinations for those looking for a spooky Lake District break.

Here are the top six most haunted locations in the Lake District, according to the data:

  • Moresby Hall, with a score of 4.5 points
  • Moresby Hall, with a score of 1.09 points
  • Lowther Castle, with a score of .81 points
  • Carlisle Castle, with a score of .65 points
  • Levens Hall, with a score of .60 points
  • Kirkstone Pass, with a score of .40 points

Taking a look at the top four locations in more depth:

  • Muncaster Castle. With a history dating back to the Roman era and centuries of births, deaths, and the War of the Roses, is crowned as the most haunted location in the Lake District. The castle is home to several ghosts, including Thomas Skelton, the White Lady, and Margaret Pennington, with numerous reported paranormal experiences, making it a hotspot for ghostly tales.
  • Moresby Hall. In the second spot, is a grade Ilisted building from the late 12th century, stands as a renowned haunted location with tales of spirits, ghostly sounds, and uncanny events handed down through generations. The hall is linked to the tragic story of a Jacobite who sought refuge within the walls of the hall’s hidden rooms but was forgotten and perished. Visitors and staff have also reported encounters with a cavalier ghost on the stairs, shadowy figures in the corners of the rooms, and mysterious cries of a child during the night, adding to the hall’s supernatural reputation.
  • Lowther Castle. Securing the third position, long owned by the Lowther family, who inhabited the castle for centuries. The most prevalent accounts of paranormal activity involve the apparition of the former resident, James Lowther, famously dubbed Wicked Jimmy. James Lowther, recognised for his extravagant and audacious conduct, is believed to haunt the castle’s grounds, often seen riding a horse or sitting on his bed, perpetuating the legend of his ghostly presence.
  • Carlisle Castle. Occupying the fourth spot, with a rich history of serving as both a military fortress and royal residence across centuries, witnessing numerous conflicts, including the English Civil War. Among its most famous ghostly tales is the Bricked Scottish Lady, a tragic figure who guards have reported sighting. According to legend, she was walled up within the castle while alive and left to starve, with her skeleton discovered during 18thcentury construction and demolition activities, adding to the castle’s scary atmosphere.

Commenting on this, Sarah Pring, digital PR manager of Sally’s Cottages said: “Celebrating Halloween by exploring haunted locations in the Lake District is a fascinating way to bridge the gap between history and the supernatural, especially for those seeking spooky goingson in a beautiful location. The Lake District has centuries of history to offer, alongside its natural beauty so if you’re looking to take your time exploring the area, you can find plenty of wonderful properties to rest your head after a long day of ghostly goingson.”

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