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These Are the Most Social Media Obsessed Cities in the UK

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We live in a world consumed by social media and influencers. From Instagram to Facebook to TikTok, there are a variety of social media channels we use to document our lives. However, which city in the UK is the most social media-obsessed?

New research, conducted by Age Co, has revealed the top 10 cities that use social media the most and which age group in the UK is becoming the most popular across social platforms.

With 70% of residents using social media daily, Southampton is the most social media-obsessed city in the UK. Although they are crowned the most obsessed, a surprising 98% of those surveyed said, if given the chance, they wouldn’t want to become a social media influencer. Bristolians are not far behind as over half of the residents, 62.5%, admitted to regularly checking their social accounts every day, but 90% of them admitted that they don’t like to post regularly, making them the UK’s number one “social media lurkers”.

Top 10 UK cities that are social media-obsessed:

  1. Southampton (70%)
  2. Bristol (62.5)
  3. Leeds (62.1%)
  4. Birmingham (61.7%)
  5. Newcastle (58.2%)
  6. Sheffield (58.1%)
  7. Cardiff (56.7%)
  8. Nottingham (54.5%)
  9. London (54.3%)
  10. Glasgow (51.4%)

While Sheffield ranked number six, they were at the top for using social media to help them feel more connected and combat loneliness, as over half of those surveyed, 54.8%, admitted to this. Out of the top ten, London comes out on top as the city that is the most “easily influenced,” as 1 in 5 Londoners are more likely to make plans based on social media recommendations and purchase through social media channels.

When looking at who is becoming the most popular age group, the research also found that the hashtag ‘Boomer’ received over four billion views worldwide last year on TikTok, making “granfluencers” the most sought-after category.

Millennials are the biggest fans of “granfluencers”, as a third (36%), prefer to follow influencers that are older than them, and a further 40% agree that fifty-somethings and older are more inspirational and more trusted than their younger counterparts. There’s no surprise we have seen an increase in demand for older influencers, as three in five UK adults agree that the younger influencer market is too crowded.

When it comes to using social media, the over-55’s are in fact the second largest user group, following closely behind millennials, with 57% admitting they use social media daily. It’s clear that older generations have embraced the social media world significantly in recent years, while other generations have chosen to slow down. Perhaps this is due to the fact that just under a third of over 55’s felt that social media helped to make them feel more connected, a result much higher than that of younger generations.

Age Co CEO Anthony Jones said: “After seeing the rise of ‘granfluencers’ on TikTok and a higher social media usage across over 55’s generally, we wanted to uncover how this generation is using the platform and how others are viewing them too. The results provide some very interesting insight, showing that over 55’s are becoming more confident in their own social media abilities and more cautious of other users. Connection is important for wellbeing, especially as we age, so as the world moves into an ever more technical sphere, it’s great to see from the research that social media is not just the domain of younger audiences and can be enjoyed by everyone.”

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