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The Mission of Greatness

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What are the required attributes? You would have undoubtedly heard about the mission to ‘make this nation great again’ if you live in the US. You might have also heard about it even if you don’t reside there considering the popularity of the recent president. This is an effective reviving call that will propel and inspire individuals, but what is the true definition of greatness.

Several options can be selected from Merriam Webster and some of them are:

  • Notably large in size
  • Markedly superior in character or quality

We can conclude from a political standpoint that the latter definition best describes the possibility of a reviving cry – being noted to be superior in quality or in character. This then boils down to the definition of being markedly superior. We can ascertain that happiness cannot be derived from accumulating wealth and study has categorically proven that we can only derive happiness by spending money not on ourselves but on other people.

To obtain a mind lift, you should donate to charities, give assistance to those that lack, and take care of strangers and loved ones with your money.

Does markedly superior imply that you are more powerful than your opponent? How possible is this? Does this imply that you have a taller height or look more attractive? The concept behind greatness is usually presumed by many traditions to be connected with wealth, popularity, achievement, and fulfilment.

We inform children with outstanding results on papers that ‘getting that A was a great job’. An employee under review can be informed that ‘Keep up the great work you are doing’. You might even inform members of your team that ‘the catch was great and your help in winning the game was great’. The word ‘great’ is very common and can be used in several life circumstances.

If you are on a mission to greatness either influenced by the recent political recurrences or simply desires to be an exceptional individual, it is important to put into consideration your objective and your measure of success once you attain the position of greatness. Rather than the regular method to measure greatness, measure how great you can become using these attributes.


Most caring individuals carry significant greatness. All individuals are battling with one kind of agony or the other. Looking outside, you will not see the agony of others but yours alone. It is only an individual with sympathy that can put their needs, emotions, and desires aside and concentrate on the worries of other people.

Having empathy for poor kids with health issues, and other less privileged individuals and animals is a great deed because enduring with those regarded as less privileged is a definitive level of human sacrifice.

Practise empathy by taking care of other people. Take steps into putting others into consideration and defending the less privileged. This is a clear indication of being great.


The kindhearted carry greatness. Being kind when things are favourable and accompanied by a lovely experience is usually easy, but being kind when things are not going your way is usually difficult. It is natural to often kick out and find someone to blame or take responsibility. It is very uncommon to find an individual who can remain calm when angry. Being kind can be displayed in different ways.

Some activities like helping someone with a heavy bag, waiting and holding out a door for a person and more significant acts of kindness where you might have to let go of something of significance which can be beneficial to someone else. It is difficult to be kind, but it is a clear sign of greatness to be consistently kind.


Humble individuals are usually receptive in discovering themselves, self-evaluate, self-reflect and carry out helpful steps without being protective which is a true sign of greatness. Humans are easily compelled to display a sign of boldness, confidence and being in control. Strangers usually consider being humble an unusual behaviour.

Many regard humility as a spiritual activity identifying the fact that we hold no regard in the plan of life.

It is identifying how little we are and simultaneously recognising the chance to play a role and change lives. Individuals with humility are usually developing because they usually discover, understand and carry out modifications as required. Humility literally looks like a very low component, but in reality, it is a sign of greatness.


Individuals with the ability to freely love others without any motive carry greatness. The ability to love (and its linked drawbacks) also comes with a lot of risks. Individuals with the ability to love other people without any motive and irrespective of their shortcomings and issues can achieve the stage other people find very difficult to achieve.

Several people, considering their family background have never been genuinely loved which makes them refrain from being open and their ability to love others. Individuals who can genuinely love others without considering what to get or the effect it will have on them are definitely great.


Anyone with the ability to go beyond just learning, but strive to comprehend and gain insights carries greatness. Understanding goes beyond just being intelligent in terms of education or being able to pass an examination. Understanding requires concentration and strength. It is undivided attention. The determination to make inquiries and persistently wait, till you discover the concept and the opinion of others.

Several individuals have come to a conclusion that the ‘great’ ones are those with degrees, intelligent, and educated, but in truth, there are several situations where their level of knowledge, do not make them genuine and accessible to communicate without restriction with others. It is a clear sign of greatness to let go of personal wants on behalf of understanding the demands, desires, and issue of others.


Well, it is probably time to change the way people think and consider the attributes that make an individual, a society, a group, a firm and a community genuinely great. These attributes are not related to being powerful, possessing the most wealth or with the best military influence. These attributes are leading a life filled with empathy, kindness, love, humility, and understanding. Consider the number of individuals that would really indicate that they achieve greatness through these attributes.


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