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Features to Look for in a Text Message Spying App

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Surveillance software is useful when you know that something is fishy. You may want to go deeper into the cause of the issue to find out what’s cooking. 

An app to see other people’s text messages, call logs, and locations could ease your way to the investigation. These are hidden apps, usually undetectable to end-users. The latest range of software is also enabled with GPS location tracking, browser activity monitoring, and tracking messages from apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. 

With such an overwhelming range of spying apps, and most claiming to be free, the choice is often difficult. However, if you are certain about the features you want in the app, your choice should not be difficult. The best of the spying apps should have some of the following features:

  • Compatibility. A spying app should compatible. It should support both iOS and Android. You should not have to jailbreak or root the device to use it. 
  • Cost. An app should be cost-effective. You should be able to use it without feeling the pinch in your pocket. Usually, the top apps have a one-time subscription fee or a monthly fee for the Basic Edition, which is perfect to see other people’s text messages only. However, if you want to track other things like media exchange, emails, etc., you would require the Premium Edition. Now, different apps have different subscription plans. Do not go for the cheaper ones as those apps may not be compatible with most of the latest operating systems. 
  • Customer support. We are looking for unparalleled customer support here. Choose an app that offers 24/7 live support via email or chat, to answer your concerns and queries. Besides, you would also have access to resources like video tutorials and how-to guides. 

Factors to consider 

Whenever you choose an app to spy on someone’s text messages, always choose the latest version of the app. Ensure that it is cost-effective too. Do not rush into any app that you come across. It is imperative to evaluate some of the options, such as:

  • Reliability. Choose a reliable app. Do not settle for an app with noticeable lags. The app should have the quality to send you data to check the text messages, call logs, or photos. If the app is not reliable, it might impair the target phone’s performance and you might have to reinstall the app. You cannot possibly count on those apps. Of course, it may not be possible to know these things unless you use an app. However, genuine customer reviews can help. If there were some complications in the app, you would know.
  • Stealth mode. Since the purpose of the app is to spy on somebody else, you would want to ensure that it has a stealth mode. Only settle for an app that ensures 100% secrecy. Some apps are hidden with code names, making them easier to spot. You should choose an app with a proven history of credible stealth monitoring. 
  • User interface. Do not choose a complex app with too many features. It is baseless to purchase an app with too many useless features. Rather, pick an app, which is easier to use. Sign up for a free trial to get the feel or check a live demo. 

In the end, settle for an app with an excellent review and proactive support team. Buy an affordable app that meets all your needs. 

James Wallace has been an advocate for mental health awareness for years. He holds a master’s degree in counselling from the University of Edinburgh.

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