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Texan Philanthropists Appointed Honorary Fellows of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics

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The Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics is delighted to announce the appointment of Susan and Dan Boggio as its eleventh and twelfth honorary fellows. The award is given to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Centre and/or the protection of animals.

Susan and Dan follow a distinguished, select group of honorary fellows, which include the Nobel Laureate for Literature, Professor J. M. Coetzee; the former vice chancellor of the University of Winchester, Professor Joy Carter; and the late multi-Emmy award-winning television personality, philanthropist, and educational pioneer, Bob Barker. An honorary fellowship is the highest award that the Centre can bestow.

Susan and Dan Boggio focus their philanthropic endeavours on helping children, animals, and those most in need. Susan has been Board Chair of the U.S. Fund for UNICEF-USA Southwest Region, Founding Board Member-UNICEF International Council, Board Member-BARC Animal Foundation, and member of the anti-human trafficking Houston 20. They founded the Susan and Dan Boggio Fund for UNICEF, the focus of which includes education, children with disabilities, and child trafficking. 

Susan and Dan’s many honours include the UNICEF Helenka Panteleoni Global Humanitarian Award, Interfaith Ministries’ For All Humanity Award, and the Melcher Humanitarian Award. Exceptionally, they have a girls’ school building named in their honour outside Calcutta, India. 

Director of the Centre, the Revd Professor Andrew Linzey, said: “Susan and Dan are fantastic champions for animals and have admirably committed their lives to the relief of suffering for the weak and vulnerable, both animals and humans. Their stupendous achievements are remarkable and wholly deserving of recognition.”

The Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics is an independent centre devoted to pioneering ethical perspectives on animals through research, teaching, and publication.

The Centre facilitates collaborative research between Fellows focused on specific issues or projects. Research is made possible through electronic communication between Fellows worldwide.

Research projects currently under consideration include, inter alia, the philosophical and theological foundations of animal ethics; an exploration of the latest scientific work on the complexity of animal awareness; the relationship between violence to humans and animal abuse; and practical issues of international importance to animal ethics.

The Centre is establishing an archive that aims to be a specialist online resource of papers on animal ethics, a unique facility for researchers, teachers, and commentators, and comprehensive in providing the most important academic papers in the field, inclusive of theoretical and applied aspects of animal ethics as well as commentaries on topical issues. Academics are invited to contribute published or unpublished papers for inclusion or to provide abstracts and URLs to articles published elsewhere on the web.

The teaching programme of the Centre includes a university-validated online course leading to a qualification in animal ethics (in development); occasional day courses, as well as lectures, seminars, and conferences on aspects of animal ethics; tutorials and guided study for individual students; and supervision of graduate research in animal ethics.

The Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics also hosts an annual summer school.

The Journal of Animal Ethics is an academic journal of progressive thought about animals published by the University of Illinois Press in partnership with the Centre. The Palgrave Macmillan series of books on animal ethics, edited by Andrew Linzey and Priscilla Cohn, is published in partnership with the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics.

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