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Telepathy and Ability to Foresee Events Exists

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Telepathy and telling the future are real – and a Leeds Beckett University academic can prove it.

In his new book Spiritual Science, Dr Steve Taylor, a senior lecturer in psychology at the Leeds School of Social Sciences, argues that science can only function by denying phenomena it cannot explain.

However, phenomena such as telepathy and foreseeing events do not contravene science, he has claimed.

‘There is actually a great deal of evidence for telepathy and precognition, but it is often brushed aside, simply because such phenomena don’t fit into the standard model of science.’

According to Dr Taylor, phenomena such as telepathy and foreseeing events do not contravene science.

Dr Taylor shows that human consciousness, altruism, near-death experiences, telepathy and the healing power of the human mind (as shown by the placebo effect) cannot be explained in materialistic terms.

However, during his research, he has collected evidence showing not only that all of these phenomena are real, but that they make sense from a perspective that sees spirit or consciousness as a fundamental feature of the universe. He refers to this as ‘panspiritism’.

‘Human beings are not isolated entities, moving through the world in separation to one another,’ said Dr Taylor. ‘We share the same fundamental consciousness, and are therefore deeply interconnected.

Human beings are not isolated entities.

‘We express and become aware of this connection through empathy, compassion and altruism.

‘Altruism does not need to be “explained away” but should be seen as an expression of our interconnectedness.’

Consciousness, he said, is not generated by the brain, but is a fundamental universal quality that our brains ‘receive’.

He also suggests that mental phenomena cannot be reduced to neurological activity.

‘There may be correlations between mental and neurological activity, but there is not a one-way causal link.

‘Neurological changes can affect mental experience, but mental experience can also bring about neurological changes.’

Dr Taylor also discusses the healing power of the mind. ‘The mind exerts a powerful influence on the body, as evidenced by the placebo effect and studies of the effects of hypnosis,’ he said.

‘It can bring about healing or illness, and even change the structure of the body. This is because, while both mind and body are expressions of fundamental consciousness, the mind is a more subtle and intense manifestation of consciousness.’

Spiritual Science: Why Science Needs Spirituality to Make Sense of the World by Dr Steve Taylor is published by Watkins.

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