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Teenage or adolescence is a specific period for boys and girls when they go through several changes. They are more likely to expose to some new and unique factors of society. Mostly, teenagers accept these changes but some cannot accept and that’s the reason they get mental health issues.


  • Generally, teenagers get difficulty in puberty time. They get irritated and their behaviour changes. This thing makes them mentally disturbed. They get depression. Teenage mental health needs to be perfect so they can advance their practical life.
  • Children who are not too confident or are introverts. In adolescence, they face more troubles than a normal teenager because they can’t openly talk in front of their parent or friends. This leads to teenage mental health problems. When they keep hiding their problems, this thing let them get more depressed day by day.
  • Teenagers, when going to college, most of them face troubles like ragging, etc. This makes teenage mental health go in the wrong direction. In these cases, many teenagers don’t let their parents know what is going, which results in depression and other disorders.
  • Teenage mental health also gets disturbed when teenagers face abuse or violence. This makes them mentally ill. In most cases, this thing happens in homes or surroundings.
  • Adolescents are sometimes too confident in front of their parents and when they can’t tell anything to their parents. They automatically get a lot of things in their minds, making them depressed. The reason for this is that some parents are enough strict that children are afraid of them. Puberty is an essential period for creating social and enthusiastic propensities significant for mental prosperity. These incorporate taking on sound rest designs; practising routinely; creating adapting, critical thinking, and relational abilities; and figuring out how to oversee feelings. Defensive and steady conditions in the family, at school, and in the more extensive local area are significant.
  • Adolescents facing mental issues, sometimes get too much sick that they start involved in other activities. Teenage mental health issues lead a few teenagers to suicide. Many teenagers get addicted to drugs. Some are involved in other severe activities.
  • Tension and melancholy comprise over 40% of psychological wellness issues among youngsters (those matured 10–19). UNICEF additionally reports that, around the world, self-destruction is the fourth most-normal reason for death (after street wounds, tuberculosis, and relational viciousness) among teenagers (matured 15–19). In Eastern Europe and focal Asia, self-destruction is the main source of death for youngsters in that age bunch; and it’s the second-most noteworthy reason in Western Europe and North America.
  • We have discussed the reasons for teenage mental health problems. In most of the above cases, parents are aware of their child’s mental issues or depression, so they can’t help it which life. results in poor practical

Tips and solutions

  • Now, it’s time to discuss, how we can get rid of this issue because this problem does not only affect the lives of teenagers but also our entire society is affected because of this problem.
  • Parents can play a vital role in the life of their teenagers. They can help them by asking them about their problems. They can consult a doctor or teenage psychologist near them or can get this service online to help their child get out of this depression. Parents should behave as they are the friend of their children so that their children feel comfortable in sharing their problems.
  • Colleges and other institutions can start counselling services for the student at their teenagers. They can also meet with the parents to ask about the behaviour of teenagers at home and the environment in the homes.
  • Firstly medication should be avoided for teenage anxiety and depression but if their condition is getting worst then it should be started.
  • Moreover, teenagers should be allowed to be whatever they want to be in the future. A parent should not implement orders on their children because implemented orders lead to depression.
  • Mental health treatment can incorporate a wide range of approaches and happen in an assortment of settings. Administrations gave rely upon the requirements and decisions of the young and their family, and the finding and seriousness of the issue. They might comprise of administrations, for example, psychotherapy with a proof-based practise, peer coaching, and care coordination, prescription, or a mix, all things considered.

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