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The Teenage CEO Releasing a New Book, and Soon to Hit Major TV Screens

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Young maverick entrepreneur Morgan Boult was a rebel at school and was told he would never amount to anything. However, at the age of 19, he defied all expectations by becoming the Managing Director of a successful call centre, which has been trading for an impressive six years since its incorporation when Morgan was just 13. His journey is a testament to proving everyone wrong and exemplifies his drive for bigger and greater achievements. But there’s more to Morgan Boult’s inspiring story.
Facing difficulties during his school years, Morgan’s upbringing added to the pressure he felt. With his mother as a headmistress and his father a successful actuary, the expectations for a perfect academic path and a steady adolescence were enormous. Nevertheless, Morgan had a vision akin to that of Sir Richard Branson – daring to be different. He started his entrepreneurial journey by forming his first business at school, selling sweets, but soon surpassed all expectations. Expanding beyond the typical schoolboy venture, he obtained a card machine contract with a credit card company, established a fully functional shop in his parent’s garage, and met demand by carrying two rucksacks full of products to school.
In times of market upheavals and financial challenges, nothing captivates audiences more than a story of overcoming all odds to achieve success. However, being different came with its challenges. As Morgan expanded his sweetshop and attracted customers of all ages, envy led someone to report him to the local authorities for running a business without paying business rates. When the authorities arrived and saw 13-year-old Morgan with signs promoting credit card payments, they were both amazed and amused. Though the shop had to be dismantled, this setback sparked the next ingenious business idea in the young entrepreneur’s mind.
Morgan discovered the opportunity in the telephone answering service industry after hearing about clients being mistreated by a previous acquisition. Recognising the scarcity of personalised answering services, he launched Hero PA, a personal 24/7 telephone answering service catering to major contracts, private clients, and corporations. The clever business model includes various key services like message taking, virtual switchboard services, helpdesk ticketing, and call-outs/escalations. Hero PA is even PSA-regulated to operate premium-rate 118 directory enquiry services. Despite facing legal restrictions as a 13-year-old, Morgan navigated around them with the help of his nan, who became a director of the company. Now, at 19, he has successfully scaled the business, built its brand, secured contracts, and employed staff for over 6 years.
Morgan is now set to release a groundbreaking book titled The Teenage Guide to Exploding a Business, targeting the business world and young entrepreneurs. Additionally, he is collaborating with some of the UK’s top influencers and broadcast studios while negotiating with Netflix to develop a TV series based on his life and the transformative impact of young entrepreneurs on the business landscape.

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