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Teeing Off with Hayfever: Unusual Remedies Golfers Use on the Course

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Hayfever can be a real obstacle for golfers hitting the links, especially during peak pollen seasons. While many rely on traditional antihistamines, some golfers have developed a few unusual, yet effective, remedies to combat the sniffles and sneezes. James Telford from Affordable Golf some of these creative solutions that help keep the eyes clear and the drives long.

Local honey: Nature’s sweet solution

Local honey is believed to help alleviate hayfever symptoms because it contains trace amounts of local pollen. Over time, consuming local honey may help build up your tolerance to these pollen.

How golfers use it:

Some golfers swear by starting their day with a spoonful of local honey when they know they’ll be spending time on the course. Others might carry small packets of honey and mix them into their water bottle to sip throughout the round.

Essential oils: Aromatic relief

Certain essential oils, such as peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender, are known for their anti-inflammatory properties and can help open up the airways.

How golfers use it:

Golfers might dab a few drops of oil onto a handkerchief to keep in their pocket or directly on their clothing. A quick sniff can provide a burst of relief during a particularly pollen-heavy round.

Nasal filters: Invisible defense

Nasal filters fit discreetly inside the nostrils and can filter out pollen and other allergens from the air you breathe.

How golfers use it:

These tiny devices are hardly noticeable and can be a game-changer for those who suffer severely from hayfever. They’re especially popular among golfers who prefer a more physical barrier against allergens without the side effects of medications.

Herbal teas: A calming brew

Herbal teas, especially those containing ginger, peppermint, or nettle, are known for their anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties.

How golfers use it:

Bringing along a thermos of herbal tea to the course can provide ongoing relief and hydration. Sipping a warm tea can also be soothing if hayfever tends to irritate your throat or sinuses.

Acupuncture: An ancient approach

Acupuncture is said to help regulate the body’s immune responses and could reduce the severity of hayfever symptoms.

How golfers use it:

Some golfers incorporate acupuncture into their regular health regimen during the golf season to help manage symptoms more holistically.

James Telford from Affordable Golf says: “While hayfever can be a nuisance, these unconventional remedies offer a range of options to manage symptoms so you can focus more on your swing and less on your sneezing. As always, it’s important to consult with a healthcare provider before trying new remedies, especially if your symptoms are severe.”

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