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Technology Used in Ride Shares

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Rideshare is an incredible way to get around. You use your phone and order a ride anywhere, at any time. It’s as easy as ordering a meal delivered to your home. What happens though when that simplicity becomes a complete nightmare? You might need a Rideshare accident attorney. 


If you experienced an injury in an accident while using rideshare, would you know what to do? It presents a unique situation that requires specialized knowledge for your case. Most rideshare drivers aren’t commercially licensed. They don’t have licenses that cover passengers, as other passenger services might provide. Some actually drive with simple personal coverage for themselves and their car. That is when a rideshare accident attorney can help.

Injuries and other concerns can create a devastating loss for your life. So how is this fixed? How can you cover your mounting medical bills? What about your lost time from work because of your injuries? Who handles the other losses? That is where your attorney steps in. Get all those expenses and losses covered when you use an attorney that knows this branch of law.

Rideshare drivers

You’re the driver. You’re unsure what happened. You had an accident. The insurance you have is only for personal coverage. Your rideshare company said something about insurance that is part of your contract. Are you covered? How protected are you? Are you getting sued? Were you running several apps while driving a rideshare passenger? If so, then who pays for this? Who do you even call? Will you lose your job because of the accident? All these questions need the help of a rideshare accident attorney. 


If you were a pedestrian and got hit by a rideshare driver, you’ll have medical expenses. If those were serious losses with complicated medical injuries, then you need help. Only an experienced attorney will get your case compensation. Your compensation depends on the actions you take immediately after the accident. Were you able to get the license plate of the driver? Do you even know what rideshare company the person is under? Did you get the driver’s name? Did you have witnesses?  All these questions are probably in your mind. Meanwhile, you’re out of work now because you were in the hospital, at no fault of your own. Call a rideshare accident attorney to help you figure it out.


Sometimes the rideshare driver isn’t working when the accident happens. What is the protocol at that time? Do those things even matter? The short answer to that question is yes, you can receive compensation, even if the driver is off duty. You’ll have more questions as your case begins. Allow a rideshare accident attorney to investigate the situation. Your options might be better than you realize. 


Most rideshare drivers are juggling many apps while driving their passengers. That alone can pose a liability. If a split-second event occurs, devastation can result. Rideshare drivers have some strict requirements. Still, many are on the road in someone else’s car, without a license. It happens all the time. Maybe they were taking something that led to the accident. Only an investigation with your attorney can show the truth. You deserve that.

No matter what happened, you need help. You need professional advice and the help of an experienced rideshare injury attorney. Your compensation depends on that guidance. Hold the responsible party accountable for their actions today. That way, you make the best decisions for your recovery.

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