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How Has Technology Transformed the Vaping Culture?

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Technology has affected all aspects of our lives. This includes work, entertainment, social life, and so on. Smoking has also changed a lot due to new technological advancements. The tobacco industry has created and perfected all kinds of products. 

But technology is still introducing new things in the world of smoking. Vaping is the next big trend, as you might know. Electronic cigarettes have entirely changed the way we perceive smoking. Vape technology has allowed people to enjoy products without the harmful effects of combustion and nicotine. However, do you know what happens when you stop smoking and start vaping?

But technology keeps bringing new things to the vaping world. Unlike cigarettes, vaping equipment and products are changing quickly. This is why every year brings something exciting and why the culture of the vaping world is evolving. 

Bringing together CBD, marijuana, and vapers together 

When vaping first appeared, it was adopted mainly by people who smoked cigarettes and wanted something new. People switched to vaping to try out different flavours, safety, and nicotine-free options. It was and still is the best alternative to smoking while completely getting rid of nicotine. 

But as vaping devices evolved, so did the crowd that was into vaping. Modern vaping devices let people vape CBD, marijuana, nicotine, or nicotine-free products. This brought all of these cultures and enthusiasts together. 

There was a dose of animosity between these groups in the past, but it doesn’t exist any more. In fact, these people share their experiences, tricks and bounce ideas off of each other. All of this is contributing to even further expansion of the vaping culture and innovation in technologies. 

Turning towards e-nedicine 

Smoking as a concept was always about culture, hedonism, and pleasure. Vaping is just the last step in both technological and cultural advancements. At the start of the vaping movement, nobody ever thought that vaping would get so far in just a short period of time. 

Vaping hasn’t only perfected itself but has also expanded into other spheres of life. More specifically, people who vape CBD do so to get the health benefits of cannabidiol without having the harmful effects of smoking. People within this culture realize that vaping can offer health benefits. 

CBD vapours use these products to relax, deal with chronic pain, potentially help with cancer symptoms, alleviate depression and anxiety. The medical industry is already noticing the potential of inhaling medical substances directly through the lungs without going through the digestive system and losing their effects. 

More customisation and style 

The vaping world is a real thing. There is a whole industry, community, and culture built around it. There are various vaping events, conventions, and even competitions. A big part of this is the customisation options that vapes give users. 

People can build their custom mods with various parts while customizing their vape juices. Not only that the industry offers a lot of different options, but there are many individuals who make these things by themselves.

 However, they have the knowledge and expertise to do this safely. We don’t suggest you try this unless you are sure that you know what you’re doing. Everyone is trying to showcase their style, come up with something new, and mingle among the crowd. 

Vaping technology as a form of art 

The global vaping industry is estimated to reach $45B in value by 2026. This means that there are many customers and industry leaders that are supporting the whole culture. Engineers are constantly working on finding new ways to calculate resistance, combining different components to change the sensations, and wrapping coils in different ways. 

Simultaneously, the whole community is learning about these things and getting educated on how vapes work. This is similar to drawing paintings or making music. People are showing their artistic sides by combining different components to create a new vaping experience. 

At the same time, they add visuals to mods, make t-shirts, and other merchandise as a contribution to the culture. Overall, it’s a perfect example of how technology and culture can affect other spheres of life, including creating new forms of art. 


Technology has been at the centre of vaping since the very beginning, and it still is. In fact, vaping wouldn’t be possible without new technologies. This is why the whole industry and the community surrounding it are open to new technologies. 

We expect this ‘trend’ to continue in the future. Hopefully, it will bring us many innovations that could revolutionise the whole culture of smoking. At the same time, we believe that these advancements could be used in other industries and promote medical advancements.

Helen Bradfield did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She has a particular interest in mental health and well-being.

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