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How to Use Technology to Navigate Through Life

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The primary aim of the development of technology throughout the years is to improve the quality of man’s life. As such, many people have several thoughts and opinions about the impact of the different technological advances that exist in the world today. Some view them as a boon, while others view them as a bane to humanity.

The benefits that technology bring to humanity is limitless. Technology has several applications in communication alone such as eliminating the distance between people from different parts of the world through the internet and social media. Gone were the days that I had to impatiently wait for our dial-up internet connection to load and send my email to my relatives living in other countries. Now, I only had to wait for seconds for me to chat or call them online. Aside from that, technology has positively influenced education, businesses, medicine and healthcare, and travel among others.  

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While the benefits of technology are recognised, there have been many reports regarding the negative impacts that it brings to life. For example, attention span is decreasing with increased social media use, and people would rather interact with their peers through smartphones than talk to them in person. Furthermore, many people are reported to be addicted to many digital games and applications.

The rise of social media has impacted our attention spans and the way we engage with other people.

Despite the concerns on the negative impacts of technology to life, there will always be those innovators whose aim in developing technologies is to harness its capabilities into something that can actually be useful in navigating through one’s life. This is what eQuoo aims its application to be.

Last April 2018, Dr Berney and Dr Marshall interview Silja Litvin, a clinical psychology doctoral student from Germany. 

Developed by Silja Latvin, a clinical psychology doctoral student from Germany, eQuoo is an emotional fitness game that will teach its users and players essential psychological skills that they need in order to level up in the game – and in life, too!

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It’s interesting that the developers of the game were able to make eQuoo as a choose-your-own-adventure game mixed with psychoeducation. Even better, what sets this game apart from others is that it will be part of a psychological RCT (random control trial) to verify the claims that eQuoo can make your life better. Now, I don’t mind becoming a little bit addicted to an application that can help me with the choices that I make in life.

Whether technological advances and digital applications can indeed help us in navigating through our life, it is important that we are still mindful in our use of technology. As human beings we have a choice, and let us choose our choices wisely.

Wendy Whitehead worked as a teaching assistant at two special needs schools in London before embarking on a different career as a marketing consultant. Her passion for special education still remains with her however. She is passionate about mental health and well-being and she write articles in this areas. Wendy did her undergraduate degree in business administration from the University of Leicester. 



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