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Tecar Therapy – The Fastest Solution to Peak Physical Performance

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London’s leading Tecar Centre, ALO Physiotherapy Clinic, are pioneers in their field introducing this progressive technology to Harley Street. This international clinic (one of the best-kept secrets in Central London) is based in Marylebone close to London’s affluent Bond Street and Knightsbridge on the world’s most famous street for private clinics in medicine and surgeries. 

The ALO Physiotherapy team have over 20 years experience between them, and due to their highly welcoming nature, professionalism and knowledge are incredibly busy and extremely popular with wealthy international Londoners and VIPs from the Middle East.  

ALO are forward thinkers in their industry and believe in combining new technologies in physiotherapy and more traditional manual therapies during their treatments. Tecar Therapy has been scientifically proven to improve functional recovery and is a hugely popular form of treatment worldwide with professional athletes and sports teams such as Chelsea Football Club.

The Tecar machine sends a high energy current through the body which stimulates tissue regeneration and helps to reduce pain. The treatment is non-invasive, pain-free and totally relaxing. It’s therapeutic effects promote a faster functional recovery after just a few sessions which makes it the ideal go-to treatment post-exercise.  

Tecar can also be used to treat muscular, joint and lymph problems such as traumatology, rheumatology, and sports injuries. It is much loved by professional athletes and amateur sportspeople who swear by this treatment to help them reach their peak physical performance. 

2017 World Athletics Championship athlete, Dwayne Cowan, says: ‘I had treatments with Andre at ALO Physiotherapy, using Tecar Therapy – Andre did a great job of helping me to recover and be able to compete back to back and go on to win a bronze medal.’

Tecar only sessions can now be booked online on the ALO website or alternatively booked over the phone: 0207 636 8845. If you would like to know more about the treatment or to review please email alo@alo-physiotherapy.co.uk


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