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Tavistock Relationships Provides Relationship Support for NHS Staff and Social Care Workers in London

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Tavistock Relationships has won a contract offering free relationship support to London health and social care workers, working with the mental health and well-being Hubs in North West, North Central, North East, South East and South West London, covering thousands of staff.   

Throughout the pandemic, the strain on front line workers in health and social care has been immense. Working long hours under extreme stress can impact personal and professional lives, including family life and relationships. Couples and individual counselling can help by providing a safe space to talk and is effective in improving relationships.

The approach focuses on strengths in relationships, which may be under duress, helping couples recover or hold onto their resilience during this period of change and uncertainty.

The service provides four free online meetings with psychotherapists for couples and individuals to explore how the current situation affects their relationship and well-being. All sessions are online, confidential, and flexible. Early morning, evening or weekend sessions are available. Although the support runs to four meetings, the benefits may be long-term. 

Sarah Ingram, Tavistock Relationships’ programme head, explains: ‘We are delighted to offer this support to such a crucial workforce, at a time of need. The Mental Health Foundation reminds us that relationships are one of the most important aspects. Yet, we can often forget just how crucial our connections with other people are for our physical and mental health and well-being.’

‘By teaming up with NHS trusts, we hope that workers will be able to put their personal life to the fore via access to the most expert counselling that they otherwise might not have made time for or perhaps been able to afford. It is also very pleasing to include care workers, who are such an important pillar of the community help.’

Angela McNab, joint senior responsible officer for London’s Mental Health Transformation Programme, including London’s staff well-being hubs, says: ‘We are delighted to partner with Tavistock Relationships to offer skilled talking therapy to London’s health and social care staff. We encourage staff to come forward in confidence.’

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