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Taslim Hassan did an undergraduate degree in psychology and sociology from Manchester Metropolitan University, and has a master’s degree in counselling and psychotherapy from Salford University. Taslim works for RightLinesUK as a web chatter, counsellor, and mental health blogger.

RightlinesUK is an organisation that offers help and in-the-moment support for those with mental health difficulties and urges to self-harm. As part of her role, Taslim also interacts with a variety of people for collaboration purposes and spreading awareness about mental health and self-harm to the public. She also runs a private practice and offers 1:1 psychotherapy to adults and children.

Prior to this, Taslim worked in Kuwait and Dubai as a teacher and admissions counsellor for five years. She also worked as an EAP (employee assistance programme) counsellor on the phones upon return to Manchester; this allowed Taslim to explore her horizons and enhance her skills.

She enjoys travelling and learning about new cultures and languages. She also enjoys socialising and listening to music, with some dancing on the side. She can be reached on Twitter.



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