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Talklife Secures New Investment from TELUS to Improve Mental Health Support

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UK-based scaleup TalkLife, an innovative global online peer support community for people to talk about their mental health, has secured a capital investment from TELUS Ventures, the investment arm of world-leading communications technology company TELUS. Using elements of social networking combined with a safe, supportive environment, the TalkLife platform delivers real-time, ongoing peer support to more than five million lives worldwide at any time of the day or night across multiple languages, providing clinical escalation and real-time professional moderation. It specialises in offering tailored support to key demographics, including over 250 universities and colleges and hundreds of companies, from SMEs to multinationals, via their tailored platforms, TalkCampus and TalkLife Workplace.

TalkLife is also a valued partner of TELUS Health, a global healthcare leader supporting over 69 million lives worldwide. Integrated into TELUS Health’s employee assistance program (EAP), TalkLife plays an important role in supporting one of the largest employer-funded healthcare networks globally. Together, this powerful synergy enables people in both the academic and employer markets to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.“No one should struggle alone, and we believe that peer support has the power to break the stigma around mental health. Technology allows us to create safe spaces for people to connect and share whenever they need to and wherever they are,” said Jamie Druitt, CEO of TalkLife. “TalkLife is pioneering a new kind of mental health support that’s accessible, relevant, and has the research backing to prove that it really works. With the support of TELUS Ventures and TELUS Health, we will be able to power our growth and reach millions more people through both our free app and our specialised platforms for students and employees.”

TELUS Ventures’ investment in TalkLife will power the company to expand its reach, with a focus on building out its presence in the North American market. It will contribute to scaling operations and cement TalkLife’s place as the leading peer provider of mental health support globally, helping those who might struggle to access traditional mental health support because of stigma, cost, or availability. TalkLife has partnered with world-leading researchers from Harvard, MIT, Microsoft Research, the University of Washington, and Cornell University as it continues to drive forward understanding of how technology and the internet can foster supportive online engagements for those struggling.

“TELUS Ventures’ mission is to find the best companies in the world and help them transform and grow while they tackle some of today’s biggest challenges,” said Terry Doyle, managing partner and vice president, TELUS Ventures. “By investing in TalkLife and through the partnership with TELUS Health, we are leveraging cutting-edge technology to bring people together and break down barriers. We have seen the impact of their product firsthand, and we’re proud to support them as they develop safe, judgment-free communities all around the world to make mental health support more accessible. This is an investment that aligns with TELUS values of supporting solutions that drive better health outcomes.”

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