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Talkiatry’s New Mindshare Programme Is Making Outpatient Psychiatric Care Affordable for Healthcare Networks

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Talkiatry, a leading provider of high-quality, in-network psychiatric care, today announced the launch of its new partner programme, Talkiatry Mindshare. The program empowers healthcare providers who are navigating patient demand, backlogs or mental health care delays to refer their patients to Talkiatry for high-quality, affordable telepsychiatric care from board-certified psychiatrists, working directly within their own EMRs and referral workflows. Derek Wilson will lead the partner programme as Talkiatry’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, leveraging his extensive healthcare network and deep expertise in building and growing programs and services that strengthen provider networks and improve access to care. NYU Langone Health Ambulatory Care, NOCD and Transact Campus are partners at launch.

Healthcare organisations are searching for new ways to address the growing number of people needing mental health care. The lack of available mental health professionals in many areas of the country means providers struggle to offer timely support, forcing patients to wait up to three months. With more than half of U.S. counties lacking a single psychiatrist and a projected shortage of psychiatrists through 2024, providers need a trusted partner to evaluate and treat patients with time-sensitive conditions like PTSD, postpartum depression and bipolar disorder, and to work in close collaboration on patient care plans.

Health systems, physician groups and accountable care organisations can easily refer patients to Talkiatry’s board-certified psychiatrists, who see patients within days, not weeks. Talkiatry works directly with each organisation’s EMR, leveraging existing referral workflows to deliver a seamless experience for any referring provider. Talkiatry also conducts active outreach to referred patients, easing the patient path to high quality psychiatric care. Referring care providers are informed when a patient completes the referral, and with the patient’s consent, Talkiatry’s psychiatrists can share a summary of the visit via the EMR to keep the patient’s entire care team informed of progress. Talkiatry’s partner programme is available now and free to join.

“Healthcare organizations looking for long-term solutions to help manage and care for their growing list of patients in need of mental health care now have that in the Talkiatry partner program, which helps providers quickly and easily refer their patients to the top psychiatrists in the industry,” said Talkiatry CEO and co-founder Robert Krayn. “Led by Derek Wilson, a proven expert in amplifying programs and services designed to elevate and enhance the healthcare system, we’re confident the Mindshare programme will serve as an effective channel for delivering high quality psychiatric care and help address the growing mental health crisis impacting this country.”

Wilson brings his two decades of experience across the healthcare ecosystem to Talkiatry, including leadership and management positions at Sound Physicians, Inspirata, Philips, and Maxim Healthcare Services. Holding growth-focused positions with both startup and multinational healthcare corporations and coordinating partnerships across multiple provider service lines has provided Wilson with data-backed insights and a unique perspective on designing, deploying, and scaling programs that can better assist providers who have limited resources and better serve patients who need more timely care.

“I know firsthand that our healthcare system has far too many obstacles to navigate from a patient perspective; meanwhile, providers and care teams are grappling with limited time and resources that prevent them from providing quality mental health care to those in need,” said Derek Wilson, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Talkiatry. “Talkiatry recognises and understands the challenges plaguing our mental health care system and has the team, the resources, and the dedication needed to start fixing them. We’ve created a fundamentally unique program designed to help our provider networks feel more supported in their mission of providing dependable, tailored psychiatric care to their communities, and I look forward to driving the program’s continued expansion.”

With more than 300 full-time, licensed psychiatrists available to treat child and adult psychiatric issues, Talkiatry directly provides patients with virtual care that has been previously limited or nonexistent in many areas. The national practice is in-network with 60+ leading insurers, including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Cigna, and Humana, covering more than 70% of commercial lives in the U.S. Most Talkiatry visits cost patients $30 or less.

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