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‘Taking Control of Every Aspect of Our Health is Essential in These Challenging Times,’ Says Leading Biohacker Tim Gray

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‘Looking after our health should be our biggest priority and has never been more important, in terms of the time, exploration and the attention that we give to it. It should never be seen as expense or an afterthought,’ says Tim Gray, the UK’s leading biohacker and founder of London’s Health Optimisation Summit.

Tim Gray is the founder and CEO of London’s Health Optimisation Summit, which takes place in London on 30–31 January 2021. Tim says: ‘COVID-19 has kickstarted a surge in people from all different walks of life who are starting to ask serious questions about how they live, what changes they can make and how they can take control and optimise and measure their health. This can be anything from getting better sleep, from improved eating habits, finding the best exercise hacks and discovering and accessing the incredible tech and supplements that can improve our bodies, brains and emotions.’

Tim, who has become a well-known expert worldwide in the biohacking and health optimisation space has been on a life-changing journey to optimal health. Tim has an in-depth knowledge of the incredible array of the leading biohackers, hacks, tech, products and lifestyle practises says biohacking changed his life: ‘When the doctors could not help my ailments, I discovered biohacking and I am living proof that it can change a life.

‘The power to become the best we can be has never been more attainable. By optimising our health, we can be happier as well as healthier, we can be active instead of passive in terms of who is in charge of our health, and as we empower ourselves with knowledge about what tools we can use, we can take control of our physical and mental health and lead our best lives.’

Biohacking used to be a term on the edge of health and wellness but is fast becoming mainstream and a buzzword as more people commit to finding proven solutions.

Starting on a biohacking journey can be a bit of a minefield which is why Tim launched the Health Optimisation Summit in 2019. He’s spent the past five years learning, experimenting and meeting some of the biggest names in the biohacking space, learning about life-changing supplements, tech and practises and has brought them together for the Summit. 

From tracking over 30 biomarkers a day to understanding why hydration is so important to monitoring EMF levels to intravenous vitamin supplements, Tim is at the peak of his game.  He has done all the research into what works and what doesn’t. He’s taken a deep dive into the importance of proper hydration, reports regularly on the benefits of daily grounding practices and has catalogued the importance of checking EMF (electro-magnetic field) levels in your environment, explains the importance of blue-blocking and why proper sleep discipline is essential. Finding the best EMF protection takes time and a ton of research so that we can ensure you will be the safest and healthiest person you can be. The experiments done with this technology and many others have led us near to the top of our game.  All these, alongside a myriad of other practices, supplements and tech have changed his life for the better. He speaks regularly and generously shares his knowledge on podcasts, social media and at speaking events worldwide. 

Now he’s bringing all these amazing speakers, products and tech to the carefully curated second Health Optimisation Summit where visitors can hear from game-changing speakers, incredible minds and visionaries, including Bulletproof’s  Dave Asprey, Mindvalley’s Vishen Lakhiani and Dr Joseph Mercola, Dr Jolene Brighten, Max Lugavere, Dr Paul Saladino, Clint Ober who are passionate about bringing their knowledge and expertise of ground-breaking science will be speaking at the event. 

Plus there will be an opportunity to find out about breakthrough products, experience exciting new technology to help people find out how to achieve optimum health for the mind, body and our environment to help maximise our health, such as flow states, psychedelics and meditation, hormones, gut and liver, heavy metal toxicity, epigenetics, cold thermogenesis EMFs and more. Other speakers include world-renowned scientists, researchers, medical specialists, New York Times best-selling authors.

‘2020 was not a year we were expecting our health to be in such jeopardy personally and on a global scale. Never before have we needed to take control and make sure our bodies are as fit and healthy as they can be. Knowing how to optimise our health is crucial and finding the tools and guidance from those in the know is vital to staying healthy and safe in these challenging times,’ says Tim.

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