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Researchers Shed Light on the Evolution of Extremist Groups

Mind & Brain

New Research Explores How People Make Sense of the News They Consume

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It Seems That Our Society Has Forgotten How to Love

Alexandrina Henderson
Mental Health & Well-Being

International Women’s Day: Women’s Aid Launches a Dedicated Service for Professionals

Positivity & Lifestyle

The Psychology of Kindness

Sara James
Society, Politics & Culture

Psychological ‘Signature’ for the Extremist Mind Uncovered by Cambridge Researchers

Society, Politics & Culture

Attacks Are Demolishing Our Mind, Including World Peace

Professor Nabhit Kapur
Mental Health & Well-Being

How the Language of ‘I’m Just Following Orders’ Relates to Mental Health

Maxwell Guttman
Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy

Trauma Is Political

Dan Lewis
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New Book Explores How People Build Good Relationships Across Cultural Boundaries

Gender & Sexuality

Addressing Men’s Mental Health: Why Are So Many of the Males I Grew Up with Struggling?  

Aidan Martin
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Strong Mind Becomes the Strong Foundation of a Country

Professor Nabhit Kapur
Cyberpsychology & Technology

Digital Trackers for Mental Health Not Yet Fit for Purpose, According to New Research

Mental Health & Well-Being

Researchers Share Database for Studying Individual Differences in Language Skills

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Research Explores How We Form Our Beliefs in a World of Filter Bubbles