Positive Psychology

ICPCE 2021: Learn About Resilience and Change Lives for the Better, Including Your Own

Professor Nigel MacLennan
Social Psychology

Surveys Reveal How Families Coped with Covid Pandemic

News Release
Sport Psychology

What Has the 2020 Olympics Taught Us About Resilience?

Brandon Wright
Positive Psychology

Self-Disclosure Can Help Boost Resilience

Dennis Relojo-Howell
Positive Psychology

10 Motivation Tips: Increase Productivity and Happiness with Alex Petraglia

Dennis Relojo-Howell

‘Sailaday OK’: Recovery from Addictions Through Marine-Based Psychotherapy


Children and the Pandemic: How to Build Resilience in a Post-Covid World

Noel McDermott

‘Write Off’ Writes Book to Help Women Become Unstoppable

Organisational Psychology

Leaders Who Embrace On-Job Learning and Listen to Employees Have More Resilient Teams, Research Shows

Mental Health

New Course Aims to Build Resilience in Generation Z

Positive Psychology

My Lockdown Journey Is Filled with Gratitude, Hope, and Resilience

Julie Green
Personality Psychology

Can Personality Define Our Resilience?

Laura Jenkins, PhD

COVID-19: ‘Psychologists Should Know How to Deal with This’ – Stress and Resilience in Mental Health Psychology Practitioners

Dr Annita Ventouris, Dr Amanda Comoretto, Dr Constantina Panourgia, Dr Agata Wezyk, Dr Ala Yankouskaya, & Zoe Taylor
Positive Psychology

Prince Philip: While There’s Life, There’s Hope

Margareth Van Steenlandt
Positive Psychology

To Achieve Lasting Happiness, You Need to Nourish Your Roots

Alan Heeks