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From Hospitalisation to Recovery: A Journey with Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder

Ellen Watson
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Phases of Drug Research Process

David Radar
Health & Medicine

Discovering the Potential of Noopept – More Than Just a Nootropic and a Promising Solution for Depression

Health & Medicine

Nurses Need to Reflect on Clinical Practice. Here’s What I Think About Medication Management

Soneika Atkinson
Mind & Brain

Researchers Gain a Better Understanding of How the Most Commonly Used ADHD Medication Works

Psychreg News Desk
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Mental Health Improves with the Rise of Health Technology

News Release
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New Research Raises Possibility of New Medication for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

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Is Your Depression Medication Working as Well as It Could?

Ellen Diamond
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Families Caring for Dying Relatives at Home Need Better Support with Medication Management, Says New Study

Special Needs

Everything You Need to Know About ADHD Medication in 2021

Dennis Relojo-Howell
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Medication Isn’t the Only Way to Manage Mental Health Conditions

Grace Farrar
Mind & Brain

Researchers Develop Sensor for Personalised Schizophrenia Drug Dosage Inbox

Mind & Brain

Why Do Psychiatric Drugs Help Some, but Not Others? Study Offers Clues

Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy

5 Alternatives Which May Help Ease Anxiety in Combination with Counselling

Tommy Williamson
Education & Learning

An Uncomfortable Truth: Does the Rise of Antidepressants and SSRIs Fuel Mass Shootings?

Caleb Owens